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  1. Hi All, new to the forum and new to the Kamado cooking community. I have a heavy duty offset braunsfeld along with two weber grill, one charcoal and one propane genesis. Anyways i'm excited to cook with the kamado after hearing good things about it for slow cook and smoke. Mine appears to be of the 70's vintage and i believe to be the #5 kamado. It sits about 36 inches top to bottom with the metal base and the cooking surface is 18 inches across. I have a couple of thoughts on what i want to do with this and checking from the experts here for your opinion. I've researched and it
  2. Thanks for the welcome Kismet, I will check out the other posts, when you say low temperatures what would you consider as low for the older kamado? I was thinking of doing smokes in the 200-250 range for low cooks but would that be considered on the high range? thanks
  3. Hi All, I bought a vintage what appears to be the yellow Kamado Imperial #5. It is overall in good shape with no cracks to the exterior itself, everything seems to be complete with exception of the clay top where the smoke emits. Sorry if Im not getting the terminologies correct here. Anyways I'm really looking forward to cleaning it up and putting it to use. The one thing that appears to be damaged is the interior clay charcoal chamber that is a smaller bowl with holes in it inside the egg. It is still in tact but there appears to be some cracks to it. If I were to dis
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