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  1. Tried & fail - 3 large post oak chunks, bottom of KJ II classic, resting bottom of, charcoal basket. 3 large chunks KJ charcoal, KJ charcoal starter. Brought to 250 F, & approx .5" bottom vent, top vent to control temp. I was also using slo roller. Watched initial smoke white, then very light 'blue', at 1.5 hrs nothing, not even a whiff or smell of smoke. Opened up observed all three post oak chunk gone! What am I doing wrong, temp never above 250. I've thought about drilling a hole in the wood chunks, nut & bolt, the fire it up to 250, then pics at 1hr, 1.5... Help!
  2. John & SmokingDad - Oops my error regarding, slo-roller + smokeware drip pan & grill grates. Just went outside to take pictures & found my error Thanks Rico
  3. I use my 'pinky' finger in a hole to remove, is this plate necessary?
  4. Hi John, I will replicate with pictures. I did not torch it, temp never over 250F. I find dialing in a temp & maintaining temp. Is pretty easy. KJ2Classic - slo-roller assembled, somkeware lg drip pan, combination, leaves loose grill grates. Dome closing can hit, grill grate. I think this needs pic's as well, to see user error. Thanks Rico
  5. Hello, Preferences for smoking wood chunks: Kiln Dried or Non Kiln dried? KJ II classic! 3 large 'post oak' chunks (wood rests on, bottom charcoal bucket), added 3 large KJ charcoal chunks & some smaller charcoal. I dialed in 250F, about 1.5 hours, removed slo-roller, & observed all 'post oak' was consumed. Long cooks, adding wood chunks every hour or so is that the norm? @Smokingdadbbq KJII classic slo-roller & lg smokeware drip pan, grill grates, sit on top & are free to move about.
  6. smokeware.com 'drip pan' what size fits KJII Classic, KJ's accessory rack? Thanks
  7. That be perfect, then I learned an alternative way. Thank You
  8. Soon I'll be able to post a pic like that, my half moon is on the way! Did you season it prior to use, if so what method?
  9. Golf Griller accomplishes the same thing, as SmokeingDad, with a slightly different method: This is pretty much for low & slow, where head deflectors are used. Without heat deflectors, warming is even! Golf Griller - Warms up the grill 1st then adds DC & heat deflectors S.Dad - uses a gap in deflectors, to the upper dome, when war to touch, then closes gap in the deflectors adj. 6in one - half a dozen in the other
  10. Perhaps! If deflectors are in place as normal; below deflectors will heat up quickly, while dome is still cool to the touch. Resulting in yo yo, and not necessary adj. This could be easily accomplished, by reaching smoking temp without, deflector (no pizza) then inserting deflectors (whole pizza). I'm just guessing as to SmokingDads, reasoning Also perhaps NOT doing (dome warm up), when thermometer reaches 250F dome, the lower portion (below deflectors) would be much hotter, than the dome. The yo yo thermometer & cook, try to adjust, while, upper & lower have, equalize temps. Or deflectors in place, dome only gets radiant heat, while lower potion gets all three heat sources. Radiant heat is slower to warm, than radiant+convection+conduction. I'm swimming in deep water hear, & perhaps need to be rescued! Help!
  11. Two sided cast iron griddle, for KJ classic II How would you season it, I'll use oven, or your fav's that work well! Excited about doing smash burgers on the KJ Thanks
  12. @A.O. Pizza sliced for like triangle for deflectors See: at 2:37 mentions deflectors opened like Pizza with one piece missing, for warming the dome, for low & slow deflectors apart, heat to dome, warm, deflectors back to normal, then adj temp
  13. Thanks A.O. Slow cook presume you have wood chunks, at bottom of the heap & coal on top. Not sure but run this by! Slow cook with deflectors positioned like a "pizza slice" regardless of thermometer temp, wait till dome, touching is warm, then adj temp. Hotter cooks same, wait till heat when touching dome, then adj for temp. Not sure but run this by! Hot cook gradual cooling, till closing all vents, less stress on ceramics?
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