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  1. Pulling steaks from 1 1/2 to 1 1/4" thick, from 250F smoke at 110F >>> rest >>> 600F 1 min per side. Thermapen 158.... Damn good though! Next thicker, 600F 30 sec per side & temp.
  2. Great post Pitmaster John agree agree!!! I would add Steven Raichlen's cookbooks, to your fine list! Thanks Rick
  3. No No No you did not, was meant as cautionary as some rubs, may or may not include salt. Any rub store bought or recipe dl, BBQr's should note 'salt' presence or not. Not heading label can result in over salting. I've made that mistake, never again. FYI - I had to run to the store for "brown sugar" to finish making your rub recipe from previous post. Sorry for the poor wording!
  4. Hi John, IMO using your rub (previous post) it's not necessary to 'salt' the meat, as the rub is already salted. Double salting should be avoided IMO.
  5. 250F heat deflectors on, chunk mesquite, why not finish temp at 250? Besides losing Malliard reaction or crust? Smoked to 115F mesquite, at 600F searing time 1min per side, or more or less time?
  6. Hi! First! Is this too much charcoal, for my 2nd cook? Second! First cook! Not enough charcoal, resulted in adding more charcoal. I had no problem maintaining 250F mesquite wood, till internal temp 116F rib eyes. At 116F pulled steaks and heat deflectors. Grill grates lowest position. I then wanted to reach 600F for sear. Managed to achieve 500F, overshot desired temp. Finishing temp, is very quick! From smoking temp. what is correct way to reach sear temp?
  7. Hi John & Rob dl your PDF nice work Kamado Joe + Grilla Alpha pellet
  8. Ricorocks


    Hello from Amherstburg, ON. Got it on the deck, assembled, the 1st burn Rib Eye's, coming soon!
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