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  1. Thanks Kismet, Keeperovdeflame, Looking forward to it. I am a tinkerer when it comes to stuff like this and part of the fun is learning all the ins and outs, tricks, techniques to get the best results. Like I said, long time Weber Kettle user and always on charcoal only. Gas grills just seem so run of the mill (turn it on, throw on the meat), and there is something about cooking over natural wood charcoal that just seems right and oh so good! Can't wait to get my grill and start that thing up!
  2. Kamado Noob soon to be! Hi everyone, just placed an order for the Kamado Joe Classic III 18" which should be coming in the next week. Can't wait to delve into the fine art of using this BBQ/smoker !Long time Weber Kettle user looking to step up my game! Looks like a bit of a learning curve and I have already been all over Youtube watching various videos on this amazing bbq. Gonna be hittin' up this forum as I am sure there are many Kamado pros posting here! Smoked beef brisket is one of my goals!
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