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  1. Thanks @KismetKamado!, unfortunately I have a very inquisitive pet so doesn't work so well. I have been placing them on a wall but they do tend to drip a bit on the way and ideally don't like running around with boiling hot ceramic plates! Have you found a solution to limit the amount of grease that falls onto the ceramic when smoking?
  2. Good morning When I smoke things, often I plan to finish a smoke to then move onto a full fledged bbq (Remove heat deflectors, increase temp and start throwing on meat and veg). The challenge I'm facing at the moment is finding something heat proof that I can put the ceramics on whilst they cool down as they need to be removed. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions to this problem? - The current Idea is to use a Silicone mat as this is heat resistant to 392F roughly so should be okay. Thanks Simon
  3. Hi all I recently got the Kamado Big Joe III and decided to try out my first ever smoking attempt. I smoked Baby Back ribs for about 2.30 hours at ~230F using Cherry Wood without the SloRoller. As reading this forum has been incredibly helpful, I thought I'd post the results
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