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  1. I got one of these too JonO, not sure how we ever lived without a kamado. On the deflector etc, there’s a brilliant pan with eye hooks solution on this site; I also had everything custom made by a local metal fabricator, there’s a YouTube video with a real guru showing you what to do for metal plates and steel supports. I also pimped it to move around the patio...ie made a base with wheels. So far I’ve tried almost everything, to a high degree of success...pulled pork, steaks, ribs, smoked fish, chilli, whole chicken, corn. Just go for it - kamado is your new best friend!
  2. Thanks Webbie. It makes sense now, especially after using the thing (religiously) for 6 weeks. You need the smoke also.
  3. That’s a really great idea. I was wondering why all the solutions offset the deflector plate from the edge....does anyone know is there a reason why you couldn’t just eg lay a flat metal circle of 230m on top of the ceramic fire pit?
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