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  1. Can’t tell you about the two you mentioned, but I have been using a BBQ Guru DXQ2 for many years with different outdoor conditions and it has always performed flawlessly. It appears the consensus here is the Firebird 2 drive. Good luck in your efforts.
  2. Last week. Band adjustment gone wrong. 10-11 yr old BGE
  3. A second for Thermoworks, could not be happier and I use it for other things around the house.
  4. I am so with you, I feel empowered in some weird way and they are so easy to use. I am a Kramer/Zwilling Damascus guy myself.
  5. Two days ago I just purchased the Big Joe 2 and was feeling confident, now a little insecure and I don't like it. So for an extra 6oo + the Big Joe 3 is that much better of a kamado due to the included SloRoller? For those who are using the 3 is it seriously that big of a difference? The cart, ash basket and 3 tier (I eat big, but not much) is a non issue for me, its all about great food. Have not received delivery yet, so I am curious about opinions. Thanks in advance and stay safe.
  6. Tom and his wife Terry are fantastic people and I knew them when they were selling out of their home in Denton, Texas. He is one of these guys who just oozes intelligence and she is so ridiculously sweet, Tom got lucky. I am lucky enough to have them live only a few miles from me and they have given me advice/suggestions of the years. They even took me in the back once where they design and build the equipment. If its not right, they will make it right. They represent all that is good in BBQ, only quirk is when you check out that credit card reader swiper thingy is always misbehaving. Ter
  7. Forums like this, where an individual can read and evaluate the opinions from people with nothing to gain on different cooking levels are the way to go. If I ever need advice, I have never had anyone not be happy to share it. Nothing against Popular Mechanics, but really?
  8. Thank you guys. I went ahead and spent a little more money on things. A couple of probes that needed to be replaced on my BBQ Guru, grabbed another carbon steel wok. I did not realize how excited I was until I corned my wife and I caught myself just babbling away like a teenage girl. Have not grilled in a week and what I prepared in the oven just did not cut it. How do people survive without outdoor fire? len440...yes...yes, I so remember the taste of charcoal fluid. I forgot about that.
  9. Been grilling since my dad put me in front of a gasser as a teenager and now I'm a 61 yr old powerlifter who joined because I love this stuff and can't learn enough. After breaking my large BGE top at the beginning of a band/gasket change and going thru a 2 day depression 5 days ago with no cussing or crying, I just purchased a Big Joe II which will delivered here next week. Looking forward to this experience and of course learning and sharing information.
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