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  1. I played with my Fireboard equipment today including the fan for the first time today. Worked great.  I have had a Pit Bull for many, many years and it just died, to use it I had to choke it way down .  Love Pit Bull, performed in the heat, rain, extremely cold temps (Texas, anything below 60) flawlessly.  But I opted to stay with one brand.  Gotta say it looks really cool in an Alien kinda way.  Not sure about the reliably yet.  

  2. On 10/3/2021 at 9:54 AM, Imran said:

    I have the same issue with the ring expansion... It latches perfectly but I cant open my lid easily, tried adjusting with the allen wrench but its still hard to open. Anyone suggestions?

    I got this, you're gonna get fixed up.

    Had second malfunction while cooking, temps around 400.  I do my best thinking in an emergency, anyway, I ran to where I knew I had washers from my Big Green Egg that broke and took those and placed those washers behind the mount of the latch on the bottom.  And I am here to tell you it worked perfectly and still does.  I did not get burned and chicken came out perfect.  By golly I think I'm genius material now.

    I have a hybrid Joe now, so am I disqualified from this forum? 

  3. On 9/7/2021 at 7:37 PM, A.O. said:

    So please explain your procedure on those ribeye's.

    A little late response, had a couple of hand surgeries.

    1.  prep meat a couple of hours before, then the Joe

    2.  Start it up, using star looking separator placed in the middle tier

    3.  Stone and grill on each side, with temp up around 500, using thermogun.

    And that's pretty much it, thermopen tells me when its time to pull 'em.  I don't bother setting on grill side as intended as its more of a safety issue as I don't want them to fall into fire.  Did that flipping some fish.  But they have that beautiful char I want.  I have found more char-middle, less char-top.  

    I just have not found any benefit to using higher temps other than burning myself quicker and I have had plenty of those.  

  4. I've recently had to make some adjustments while cooking as I could not open the bottom latch from the top.  Allen screw failed, so I took a couple of washers from my BGE and placed them between the lower ring and assembly and works better than ever.  Hopefully this information can help someone, preferably while not cooking and yes, I check this kind of stuff before I start.  

  5. Talk about ridiculous fantastic service, KJ replaced it without me even asking!  Now a days how does that happen without some form of threat?  I am now a costumer/advocate for life and need one of their hats. K.J. simply did a followup, asked for pictures, confirmed my address and replacement was at front door.  I just had hand surgery on 3 fingers and a thumb and am just now able to type.  There really are good people and respectable businesses in this world.  

  6. The most loved accessory I had.  After using it for the 6th time, it split right down the middle.  My prior cooks clocked in around 500, the last was at 720.  It produced fantastic ribeyes. Opened it up a little later and right down the center.  A side crack I could have worked with, but the center?  Never shocked it with abrupt temp changes.  This has to be a flaw in the stone as everything KJ has put out, at least for me has been fantastic.  

    So any suggestions to other manufactures of soapstones?  I found a few but I would rather hear from y'all.  

  7. On 6/17/2021 at 8:50 AM, jark87 said:

    orange glow lighting up the sky at my house

    This is absolutely scary.  Make sure you burp your Kamado, if you don't, its instant hair loss time.  It took me a couple of times to learn that lesson as I am originally from Louisana.

    As far as briskets go, done 6 since May with and without slow roller. I liked them all with the exception of the last one and I am leaning to it was just a roll of the dice concerning meat quality I purchased at the Lantana Kroger.  Cooked up some fantastic Dino ribs over Fathers day from Old Time Meat Market. Grateful they moved so much closer.

    Had that large BGE for over a decade and I could cook blindfolded, but this KJ is a bit bigger and I am confident I will get it.  Need to acquire more experience with it.

    Glad North Texas is represented here.


  8. Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Yesterdays brisket did not have that WOW factor I look for. It was cooked at 225 for 20 hours using a slow roller.

       I began ruminating in the shower and this popped in my head.  My first cook in the Big Joe 3 was a brisket.  I started in the evening with the vents opened more than required and in turn I struggled with temp control.  Frustrated and registering just below 300, I threw the brisket in anyway and went to bed.  First thing in the a.m. temp was hovering around 275 and the brisket was fantastic.  Noted.

       The other 2 were cooked around 250 with exact results as before, again noted.

       So, there ya have it.  This is where I am asking for opinions and prior experiences.  Do you think higher temps, meaning 250-300 range in a "larger" cooker better for briskets?  I am kinda thinking so.  225 on a smaller kamado has been ingrained in my head for many years, might be time to change.


  9. This baby took 20 hours, one of my longest as it remained in the 180’s for what seemed like an eternity. It looks good, passed the fork test at 196 so I pulled it and rested it for a tad over an hour.  Cut up beautifully, with my smoke ring, but it just tasted off.  This is where I’m gonna have to sauce it up. I expected a bit more. 
    Funny how each brisket has its own personality. 

  10. Cardboard?  Really, I gotta see this one. 


    I'm on a large brisket right now. Its at 191 and been cooking high rack at 225 for 15 hours. This has been one of my longer ones.  Getting hungry, the hard part will be letting it rest.  I have leftover chicken from two days before.    

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