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  1. The fourth year i handed him the tongs and let him cook his own. Double thumbs up len440
  2. I take more off than most people, especially the hard fat. I just don’t like eating it. I leave some on for insulation/moisture retention purposes. And I rarely spritz, never on overnighters. Scott, this is genius. I can honestly tell you it has never come to my mind.
  3. Completely done in 12 hours minus the dishes. The flat was fall apart juicy, I realize the picture tells a different story, not true. I had a lot of burnt ends and made a blended coffee for my breakfast. My vegetarian daughter had a few …..huuummm. Could life be better?
  4. My 17 year old daughter has been giving me grief for leaving a “carbon footprint” and my brother has been married to a vegetarian for 30 years and pretty much does the same. Let me tell ya, when the food is pulled, it’s amusing to me how they both forget their overly explained and detailed comments. With their forks and knives scrapping the plates I frequently ask “How many porta potties and restrooms do you see in the fields?” They both know it’s coming. To each there own I guess. I’m happy and content.
  5. You can’t tell by these photos but this is one of the most beautiful briskets I have ever seen, absolutely beautiful red color. Trimmed all the junk off, rubbed some avocado oil with love and attention and hit it with some rub. Will reside it the fridge for about 10 hours, letting it sit out for an hour or so and in the Joe it goes tonight. I had brisket dreams last night, yeah, I’m that weird.
  6. This is exactly what my 86 year old mom does. But at 86, she can do no wrong.
  7. Do it. I used to make my own but I lack the skills and I am not that creative. They have a nice selection.
  8. No you don't because there is no cure. First off, congratulations on your new love and also for finding this place. There's an abundance of experiences, knowledge and a willingness to share it without getting flamed. I was that lurker that just signed in one day and having been to a few of these different forums there seems to be an absence of elitist mentality. Your gonna have fun
  9. Oakridge’s Santa Maria seasoned under/over skin, small piece of unidentified wood that turned out to be apple with rack left middle. Temp 400ish. When finished, it had the perfect bite through skin again. What you don’t see is the soapstone warming up on the high right side. With the yardbird finished I opened the vents to 500ish and made smash burgers with same seasoning with cheese mixed by hand. Smash burgers produced more fat than anticipated that I simply scraped into the fire. No hairs burned. A good evening.
  10. I'm loving the responses and appreciate the differences. This one is almost made me cry
  11. My wife prefers everything well done. She loves it when I pull meat off the grill and is typically won’t allow it to rest. The scenario just makes me laugh. But the moment she spots red, her enthusiasm tanks. It’s hard for me to take ribeye up to 180, so I will run it up to 160 and tell her “Its up to temp”. I get away with it for the most part. But when I’m busted ……. This being said, she is literally Mensa and works in legal intelligence. She clearly she married me for my love of cooking and keeps me as a trophy husband. My question is, how many fellow cooking enthusiasts go through this? Share you stories.
  12. Oops, I get excited about eating. It’s a ribeye my wife had delivered from Costco in the morning. You are looking at $50. I wasted no time.
  13. Just resting now, will be gone in >30. For bonus points dug through and scored an absolutely beautiful brisket out of about 15 or so and the butcher came up and told me that’s the best one outta the lot. Just cooked one the other day but will make an exception.
  14. CentralTexBBQ, I was raised in a military family and spent a few years in base housing. All of the neighborhoods I grew up in were a stones throw from the base itself. I personally knew of kids a couple years older than I, that were drafted and never came home. It was not uncommon to have friends who grew up without fathers. I have several buddies who were in Special Forces and some of their stories are simply not appropriate to repeat here on this forum. Many people are clueless as to what prices were paid. Memorial Day is just that, a time to reflect on what was sacrificed, sorry for the rant, but I agree with ya.
  15. Not answering for Keeper but using a vacuum sealer works great. You can leave them in the fridge longer for a couple of weeks. Maybe it's just me, but when things are frozen for a while they seem to cook up and taste different.
  16. Felt wrong but the deed is done and it worked beautifully.
  17. I hate to say it, but nothing. Tweaked my knee on a lift and compounded the issue stepping on some uneven concrete while walking the dogs a couple of hours later. We ordered out instead, my head is hanging. Anyway a big shout out to the Veterans, as you have made and continue to make this all possible for us. Bless you all.
  18. I am in complete agreement with you, wire brushes freak me out and like you, I have found them on my grill. You see, I am completely colorblind so it's hard for me to see them. Having worked ER and when I do get a chance to watch TV, I will tune into ER recreation stories and there was a segment about fella who swallowed one and it created all sorts of problems. So, I take the time before I start a cook and bring them into the house and wash my grills, it's really easy if I keep it up. I have also used a wad of foil occasionally if the grills are not that dirty. Be safe.
  19. Yes John Setzler I actually thought about bending it, but I’m still in the “Brand New” phase, but that will change tomorrow. Thank you for sharing.
  20. Thanks for the inspiration. Looks beautiful.
  21. When I lived in Washington State, I used to catch them off of my dock and had a little Hibachi grill. I’d clean them immediately and toss them on. To this day I have trouble paying for them but I do. Soapstone really makes a difference.
  22. “Long Island Crutch”. We forgive you here in Texas. This was mine from this morning. It had way too much freezer burn from the big chain that had it on sale. Impulse buy. I will go back to my local butcher for next one. I also tend to act like Edward Scissor Hands when prepping, but I’m more than happy with the results. Clooud, just do it. If you remain apprehensive, let me suggest pork shoulder
  23. Cloud you inspired me. Had fish on my mind and it just so happened the brisket is sale. I grabbed the big one. Coincidence, I think not. So instead of talking the talk, I’m gonna walk it. I let ya know how it goes.
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