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  1. Four trout fillets cooked up faster than I thought. Salmon a wee bit longer. A little late in the evening to make my own so I used Paul Prudhomme and Dizzy pig. Minimal leftovers. Now that’s a good evening.
  2. My tendency is this. I want to emphasize it's a slow process so patience pays off. Let's just say I want it on the table on Saturday. I will cut up, trimming all the hard fat and stuff I don't want in my mouth and I do probably take off too much, no apologies and season it by Thursday leaving it overnight in the fridge. Pull it out for several hours on Friday and I notice that the seasoning seems to adhere to the meat and looks even better while coming to room temp. Get the lump burning and stabilized to the temp you want. Lower temps seem to be the norm but I have had success with 270 also. Toss it in that evening and sleep beautiful brisket dreams. Now the hard part. Pulling it and letting it rest. Foil it, towel it, in the Yeti for a coupled of hours and no peeking. I will be well worth it and you will smell like smoke for a while. Have fun
  3. You are going to trigger a lot of varied responses and many people are die hard fans about their methods. Cool thing I noticed about this forum is you are not going to get throttled. First things first, have fun and relax this is a great challenge and you will nail it. Season it well in advance and as far as drip pans go, I have done with and without them, preferring to go without as its a pain to clean up and I prefer the end result anyway. Finishing temp? Best advice I received was the fork test. If the fork goes in smoothly, you're done, even at lower temps than you suggested. Works like a charm. The last thing you mentioned was the stall. The collagen is breaking down and it takes its own sweet time. Each brisket seems to be different and don't rush it by raising temps. Take pictures would ya. Have fun.
  4. I found this informative. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/burntimetest/lumpcompare.htm. Not sure what the implications about the moon phase are.
  5. A little off subject here, but If I remember correctly, Ken F writes about different hydration levels? Keeper is right, more fuel will do it. Never had a bad pizza at 550/600.
  6. Money would be better spent on more food. Thank you for your opinions. Be safe.
  7. I tend to experiment with different lump brands and always seem to return to Fogo or KJ. However coconut has caught my eye, so has anyone here tried it? What do you think?
  8. Just saw this and congratulations on your Kamado. I saw your list earlier in the thread and a suggestion for you. I have as smaller aluminum trash can with locking lid that I dump my ash into. Wait until it gets a little heavy and repurpose a new lump bag. Works for me.
  9. I'd like to read your thoughts when you set up and cook using a 2 zone. Particularly keeping the grates from falling down. I felt confident playing around before I added the heat, then it got serious.
  10. Having problems with this again today and when finishing up seasoning my soapstone. It all just dropped.
  11. Food for thought, every high temp burn I have done in the past resulted in replacing gaskets, warped rings and it can be flat out scary. This would apply to my BGE not the my Joe. Was told the Joe gaskets will hold but I'm not confident. Now I simply let the Kamado run after pulling my food from it for another 30 or so minutes and that has helped me over time from accumulated grease build up. Good luck.
  12. A.O. your making me laugh and cry, establishing budgets is a good thing right? The only exception is ANYTHING that has to do with Kamado cooking. Our intentions are good....I'd like to think.
  13. A couple weeks of silence from delivery services and finally got 24” Joe set up from Ceramics Grill Store. Amp was time consuming and frustrating but I figured out using paper towels as spacers for the ring worked beautifully. Time to cook and hydraulic failed did not made an adjustment (hope it holds) and first cook was everything I’d hoped. Coming from a 18” BGE I was a little off on vent settings at first but got dialed in. Used dh14ster recipe on both steak and chicken, but included picture of chicken thigh which was the first of three cooks today. It was perfect bite Thanks everyone’s input to the prior posts about going 24” Joe 3. Best decision I’ve made and wife is happy.
  14. Eleven years on my BGE until I broke it, Like the above post uncovered and exposed to all the elements and looked and performed flawlessly with fantastic results. Today my 24" Kamado Joe III arrives, which is an upgrade. Since you are already accomplished on your Akon, imagine the backyard monster you will become when you switch to ceramic? You might have to upgrade your clothes to spandex, mask and cape Just don't rush anything and please keep us informed with your decision.
  15. A few years ago I saw "True stories of the Er". Poor guy had a very tough time and it was due to a wire that broke loose while cleaning and adhered itself to the grate. It had eventually embedded in his throat. Having worked Er and seen those wires on my grill before, that was enough for me. Foil it is.
  16. Can’t tell you about the two you mentioned, but I have been using a BBQ Guru DXQ2 for many years with different outdoor conditions and it has always performed flawlessly. It appears the consensus here is the Firebird 2 drive. Good luck in your efforts.
  17. Last week. Band adjustment gone wrong. 10-11 yr old BGE
  18. A second for Thermoworks, could not be happier and I use it for other things around the house.
  19. I am so with you, I feel empowered in some weird way and they are so easy to use. I am a Kramer/Zwilling Damascus guy myself.
  20. Two days ago I just purchased the Big Joe 2 and was feeling confident, now a little insecure and I don't like it. So for an extra 6oo + the Big Joe 3 is that much better of a kamado due to the included SloRoller? For those who are using the 3 is it seriously that big of a difference? The cart, ash basket and 3 tier (I eat big, but not much) is a non issue for me, its all about great food. Have not received delivery yet, so I am curious about opinions. Thanks in advance and stay safe.
  21. Tom and his wife Terry are fantastic people and I knew them when they were selling out of their home in Denton, Texas. He is one of these guys who just oozes intelligence and she is so ridiculously sweet, Tom got lucky. I am lucky enough to have them live only a few miles from me and they have given me advice/suggestions of the years. They even took me in the back once where they design and build the equipment. If its not right, they will make it right. They represent all that is good in BBQ, only quirk is when you check out that credit card reader swiper thingy is always misbehaving. Terry handles it well.
  22. Forums like this, where an individual can read and evaluate the opinions from people with nothing to gain on different cooking levels are the way to go. If I ever need advice, I have never had anyone not be happy to share it. Nothing against Popular Mechanics, but really?
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