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  1. Thank you guys. I went ahead and spent a little more money on things. A couple of probes that needed to be replaced on my BBQ Guru, grabbed another carbon steel wok. I did not realize how excited I was until I corned my wife and I caught myself just babbling away like a teenage girl. Have not grilled in a week and what I prepared in the oven just did not cut it. How do people survive without outdoor fire? len440...yes...yes, I so remember the taste of charcoal fluid. I forgot about that.
  2. Been grilling since my dad put me in front of a gasser as a teenager and now I'm a 61 yr old powerlifter who joined because I love this stuff and can't learn enough. After breaking my large BGE top at the beginning of a band/gasket change and going thru a 2 day depression 5 days ago with no cussing or crying, I just purchased a Big Joe II which will delivered here next week. Looking forward to this experience and of course learning and sharing information.
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