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  1. The links are indeed dead. HOWEVER, I did some searches and found these:
  2. Well, I fired it up last night, for the first time. Then I noticed it has a Celsius thermometer. Climbed up to 400 C (750F!!!) in about 15 mins. I damped it down...but wouldn't really get below 250C (482F) which was fine, as I was just searing steaks. Took more than 3 hours to go out. Looks like I have some leaks to seal! I sealed, using Nomex felt, all around the lower ash-bowl vent. Looks probable I need to either tighten the clamps around that bowl, and/or add felt to the bowl-seal too. I'm getting a better quality thermometer in Fahrenheit.
  3. Yes, quite the lovely name....but over $800 for the grill????? Wow!!! In the USA it's available through Walmart for 177 GBP......
  4. It's just strange that Walmart--which sells a TON of Char-Griller grills....would also sell a competing-brand's copy of a Char-Griller Akorn. Perhaps....only they could!
  5. Do you mean the Akorn, or the Rodeo? (or both?) I've not seen the same style grill of either under another name.
  6. Of course the only reason the Akorn is as inexpensive as it is....is because it's made in China, so that's Char-Griller's choice. I'm surprised though, that Walmart would risk selling a knock-off. The leg-and-cart system is totally different than any Akorn, so maybe it's different enough not to infringe on Char-Griller's patents. Who knows? If Brand-Man's Rodeo sticks around, I guess we'll find out. I'm happy though I can use the knowledge and experience gained on the Akorn with my Rodeo.
  7. Well, I just asked Char-Griller about this: They do not manufacture the Brand-Man Rodeo, and Brand-Man does not pay them a license fee. Hmmmm......
  8. I very much doubt Walmart would sell a knockoff of a big company like Char-Griller. From the quality of the thing, I suspect Char-Griller's factory built it for Brand-Man under license to widen their line.
  9. My pleasure! This looks like a terrific group. Given that the Akorn is now $311 at the cheapest... I thought saving $64 was the way to go.
  10. Probably the funniest part of assembly....is I had to remove the sliding-glass-door to the deck, after assembly, to get it outside! This thing is 27" wide. A word to the wise, assemble it outside!
  11. Well, I just bought a Brand-Man Rodeo Kamado grill from Walmart online. $247 with free delivery. Took me 3+ hours to assemble though! (I put thread-lock on every bolt.) Nice quality--and from the design, it must be from the same factory as the Akorn. Looks like some of the same issues (seals are kind of leaky, it appears....), but with the same solutions! I seasoned the grill in the oven (since it was pouring rain last night), and probably won't get to use it until Friday (it's now Wednesday). I plan on putting Nomex felt around the bottom vent, and probably bending (to tighten) the ash-pan-clasps.
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