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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I truly appreciate it... As for the times in which we live, I hope that the society that will emerge from the ravages of COVID will be better, kinder and more considerate... Time will tell, of course. On a personal note, hang in there and thank you for the tireless service you provide at the hospital. I know how thankless the job can be, and appreciate your dedication and support. Regarding the pellets: The company from which I ordered the grill was very thoughtful and sent two bags of Hickory Pellets manufactured by Bbq Delight
  2. I suppose that is fair. Perhaps this isn't the grill for me. As for why I chose to purchase it: I recently moved to a different state to continue and pursue my medical career. In the setting of busy hospitals ( we are all well aware of the pandemic raging about), and my wife's disinterest in learning the intricacies of operating a traditional Kamado grill ( We own a classic II and a Joe Jr), I thought this would produce similar results to the above mentioned KJ grills with the added convenience of pellets and just switching a dial on. We therefore left the Classic II in stora
  3. 1. I agree the app does not affect the cooking, but it does affect the cooking EXPERIENCE. Seems that one of the selling points for this grill is the convenience; why not make the app just as functional, convenient and fully-featured as the iKammand? IMHO, this is a missed opportunity... 3. My firmware and app are up-to-date. Pity, It would have been a quick fix.... I watched your pork butt video and you seemed quite pleased with the results... I cooked a brisket, which came out very dry and tasteless. The smoke flavor was undetectable... I tried again, closely monitor
  4. I have tried to update the firmware, but cannot find how to update on the pellet joe side. (The instructions in the app are directed towards ikammand system, which I do not own). My comment regarding the low and slow was that if my grill constantly overshoots and since I have no control over the oxygen flow nor the fuel feed, if I could have set the grills to, say 180, I could get the desired 225 i'm after. If there is a way to update the firmware without an ikammand and a way to calibrate the dome thermometer, please share. :-) (There are no instructions in the owners manual)
  5. To CentralTexBBQ: BTW, I love the quote at the end of your post. Who said that?
  6. Only, this is a $2000 smoker... And does not produce smoked foods. Not even a 12 hour brisket. My classic II produces incredible results, and I can get great blue smoke for most of the cook.
  7. Hi Everybody! I've owned a Pellet Joe for a nearly a month now and to be fair, quite disappointed from the result. I sure hope that Kamado Joe is working on improving the app to include graphs, alarms settings, improving connectivity issues (the app just freezes as the food burns...) but my two biggest concerns are: 1. The Pellet Joe regularly overshoots by 70 degrees or more. While on my classic II and Joe jr I can make an adjustment, the Pellet Joe simply does not allow any corrections to be made nor does it allow for setting bellow 200. I therefore cannot cook low and slow.
  8. Dr.G

    Pellet Joe

    I use an android phone and sometimes the app freezes. Connectivity is poor on my experience
  9. Mine connected to the app, but disconnects often... Also, I'm having a hard time uploading the latest firmware... No solutions I'm afraid, just commiserate
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