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  1. Thanks Kismet, I hadn't considered trying to blow it out although was considering trying to get the nozzle form a vacuum in there to suck it up. I've got a compressed air blower for cleaning laptops, might see if that works! I figured the reason there are gaps around the edge of the ash pan is to promote air circulation, but if you think it won't impact performance I won't worry about it so much thanks again
  2. Hi guys, I'm new here and new to Kamado cooking too. I got myself a Big Joe 3 a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. After half a dozen cooks I now have some ash building up underneath the metal ash draw container (see pic below) It isn't too bad yet but i can imagine that area filling up quite quick. Any ideas how to get this out without disassembling the inner ceramic bowl? If you guys don't have the same problem, what am i doing wrong? Maybe I've installed it incorrectly and there shouldn't be a gap? thanks! Si
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