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  1. Yeah, it's outrageous. They wouldn't let me make a crate myself. It's gonna go by truck with the rest of my stuff. Fingers crossed! That's what I durance is for I guess!
  2. Haven't been able to find Big Joe in Mexico, that's why I bought here. I'll take my chances without the crate and up the insurance on the Kamado.
  3. My Big Joe and I (along with wife and dog) are moving to Mexico. I have a quote from my moving company for @700 USD to crate (optional but recommended by the carrier) the Joe for transport. It's going by truck. Anyone ever moved one long distance and may have some advice? Insurance is a certainty, but I'd rather not have to attempt a claim.
  4. This seems to be true. A few cooks in, and I'm happier with the appearance. Pure vanity! Thanks!
  5. Just got the slo-roller top plate back from my son. They sandblasted it, and said the teflon coating was just sprayed on. They impregnated one side with teflon coating and anodized the other side. It doesn't look great, but it should be more durable than what it was. That metal certainly isn't pure aluminum, nor is it steel. It acted weird while they were cleaning it.
  6. Yeah, I've seen differing opinions and info on the coating. Food won't touch it, so as far as it being teflon specifically, I don't really have a concern. Mine was more the peeling, flaking, and the appearance after a couple uses. We will see how the anodizing holds up.
  7. Hello all...new Kamado Joe owner here. Looking forward to learning from the combined experience here and adding what I can to it. Wife and I are relocating back to Northern Mexico in a few months. I purchased my Kamado Joe here in the States because they aren't available down there. They make the BGE in Mexico, and most Kamado users are with BGE, along with some smaller local fabricators. I'm anxious to get in the groups down there and share the Big Joe with them along with some traditional NC/VA BBQ. -Sean
  8. I'm new to Kamado Cooking, just received my Big Joe. Have done quite a few cooks in the last few weeks. I'm impressed and learning. Regarding the slo roller, I have used it twice, once for pork belly and once for wings, both low and slow cooks. The top "disc" of the slo roller has started peeling, I'm guessing this is the teflon coating. My son is going to strip it down and anodize it. Will post updated pics after the treatment and a progress report after a cook or two. Great forum!
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