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  1. Our new patio included a built-in space for my KJ Classic. Now I've got this big sturdy, wheeled cart taking up space in my shed. Happy to give it away to anyone who wants to pick it up. I'm in Maryland, a few minutes from where I-95 and the beltway intersect.
  2. Hello, I got a Kamado Joe Classic a few months ago and we're now in the process of renovating our patios. We're going to include a simple grilling area and I'm trying to think through some of the issues. It will likely be an L shape, with one leg of the L having a pocket for me to slide in a standard sized gas grill and the other leg will have a grantine counter with a shelf for my KJ. Sort of like combining the KJs and gassers in the pics below. I'm hoping some of you might have some insight, tips, warnings, etc. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161127/af3a9cdd741000a6fc0a41f0f568ccba.jpg The shelf under the KJ would probably be a bluestone cap, similar to the last picture of the gas grill here. I bought the little KJ feet to create the gap underneath. I assume that will be fine for a surface under the KJ? The wall tops/countertops in the grill area will be granite, because someone suggested that bluestone caps would get stained from spills and meat juices. I'm thinking that a 3" gap on the sides and back between the KJ and the wall should be enough? Anything else I should be thinking about? Thanks in advance
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