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  1. i will hold you to this. we made some really good pies this weekend in oven and on the classic. all the pies were tasty but the ones that were "flavored by fire" had a noticeably more complex flavor profile. we loved them
  2. Agree. the larger ovens look bomb but i think that to get my use & return i'd need to spend less and not have it be so massive. i'll update when i order, looks like it's leaning that way
  3. i agree that it looks like a great design and the gent who invented seems very proud of his accomplishment. a dude in the uuni facebook group put his stone on an $8 lazy-susan bearing sand accomplished this easlily. their new version in development uses either: pellets, wood, charcoal or gas and can accommodate a 16" pie. considering joining their kickstarter for $500
  4. all the pizza talk around the forum has grabbed me hook, line & sinker. i checked into the blackstone pizza oven that many folks on here have & love but at the end of the day my interest seems to lie in combustion method other than propane (or strictly propane). I've done some checking into the Uuni and am intrigued. they have a larger model in the works that will be available end of summer & i'm seriously considering. anyone have/try one?
  5. haha!!
  6. pretty cool
  7. I'm thinking a dab of JB Weld would hold that together and withstand a Nuclear Holocaust
  8. Welcome Home Meghan!
  9. man, do those look good!
  10. Agree. 2 thanksgivings ago I had a 27# bird completely done in 2 hours 20 minutes. Should taken 8 hours or so at 325. Still don't understand what happened but it was an awesome Turkey
  11. Here are a couple of my thoughts on smoke as I've experimented over the years. I treat smoke as a Seasoning and apply similar rules when using it. It is possible to apply too much seasoning (whether salt or smoke) to any cook & I find that subtle amounts suit my flavor profiles adequately. I usually throw the wood chunks onto the coals as soon as they are lit and then put on my heat deflector/grates and as soon as I reach temp I throw the meat on. In the end, it all comes down to your personal tastes and preferences so you will need to experiment. *** one caveat to this is that I never use any type of smoking wood on any poultry cook. I've tried it several times and I find the results to taste putrid.
  12. ok, this is just beautiful!! did this bake in the oven?
  13. lot of beautiful cooks there my friend!
  14. thanks for the support y'all. having some fun with the kids here
  15. dang, nice way to break her in!!