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  1. So easy and good—every time

    those are some beauties!
  2. Uuni pizza oven

    were about a week or so out from receiving the Uuni Pro here in boston. i cut some some oak logs (that have been drying a couple years) into 6-8” lengths and i’ll split them up into smaller pieces. planning on a lump/wood combo for initial cooks, stay tuned....
  3. The wife is gonna kill me

    paul are you planning on keeping the BC & BSK?
  4. Uuni pizza oven

    thinking by the time you found 2 other buyers in other parts of the country to ship to, plus getting/paypal the cash as a gift, the 3 for 1200 wasn’t a huge savings over buying a single (maybe save $50 or less). the $499 seemed pretty good though, the gas burner was an additional $30
  5. The wife is gonna kill me

    you must’ve just got it, didn’t see it back there last night omw to the field
  6. Uuni pizza oven

    I've decided on a smaller sized oven when I build it. I know that it goes against most logic, but we take the kids to connor's farm in danvers every fall & they have an absolutely amazing WFO pizza oven that they prob paid 40k to build. They could prob fit 1/2 dozen pizzas at a time in there but the guy cooking them told me that if he tries to do 2 or more, they cook so fast that they burn. says he's way more efficient cooking 1 at a time & he's really good at it.
  7. Uuni pizza oven

    will do ben, i suggest joining the forno bravo forum and looking at people’s builds. appears that the dome style vs the barrel style is the way to go. looks like a fun project
  8. Uuni pizza oven

    will do! i was in the same mind-set about the gas burner and wasn’t even going to order it until @ckreef talked me into it. after seeing many owners on the facebook community speak to the benefits, i’m sure glad that i did! been practicing dough making quite a bit, here’s a bacon pizza we made on the kamado last night:
  9. Uuni pizza oven

    @Slowdown great news! i was wondering who’s Uuni Pro that was next to mine on the ever-living. i also ordered the gas burner unit which im thinking might end up being the go-to heat source; while im not expecting the wood to add a flavor profile to the pizza during such a short cook time, im looking forward to using the wood/ charcoal combo used in their video. i went the kamado route a few years back when my kids were infants and i wanted a wood fired oven. still plan to build one brick-by-brick and if you’re interested in learning more about them, join the forna bravo forum community & you’ll see amazing ovens turned out by folks who had never layed a brick before. ps, i think that we also get the uuni pro cover as backers
  10. Uuni pizza oven

    not doubt, that is frustrating, hope it works out and yours asap
  11. Uuni pizza oven

    Dang, that sounds unusual. thinking that you had to have backed their crowd-funding on Indiegogo? did you contact Uuni through that service? reason i ask is that i seem to recall having to finalize or "lock" my oven order in order for them to process. if you havent done so, i recommend loggin in to Indiegogo and contacting Uuni through them. this was also when i added the gas burner to my order at a discount for $30
  12. Uuni pizza oven

    thats a great idea, i've been making quite a bit of kamado pizza this summer. Just got an update taht the container ship hauling my oven is due in to NYC on 10/09. expecting my oven within 2 weeks after that.
  13. not a fan of the bend, i use a toothpick to test for tender.
  14. Becoming Frustrated With Joe Jr....

    all 3 of mine are cracked, jr/classic/big joe been a couple years or so, i'll prob submit a claim at some point but i guess it's pretty low on my priority list
  15. Uuni pizza oven

    Uuni Pro is on the water