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  1. Freddyj

    Blackstone cooking

    @prowe glad you like it and use it. This is a dumb question but if you ever want to swap the classic soapstone that I don't really use for the Blackstone that you don't really use, I'll find a way to make up the deficit in the future. Ps, if you ever want to borrow my restaraunt Depot card so that you can buy an actual full packer brisket, beef ribs, etc, (or just look around) then shoot me a text message
  2. Freddyj

    Blackstone cooking

    @prowe do you you your B/S pizza oven?
  3. Freddyj


    You're going to get answers at both ends of the spectrum on this one. I have 2 sets of GG's and 3 kamado Joe's. I really wanted to be in love with the GG's and have the most amazing food come off of my grill because them. After the fad that you describe settled down, they went into my she'd. I find the grill grate griddle to be an amazing product. I find that Grill grates make grill marks that look amazing in Instagram posts,x but taste like burnt wood (ymmv) However, grill grates are awesome at preventing the flare ups that don't happen on kamado grills in the 1st place (if you keep the lid closed)
  4. Freddyj

    Nothing but WFO money!

    your oven and pizza's look bomb. too bad about the blueberry pie because it looks killer!
  5. Freddyj

    Cast Iron Griddle for the Joe Jr

    i would contact grill grate & ask them to cut down a griddle to fit inside your jr. i've had the cast-iron griddle & have the soapstone, but neither compare to this griddle in terms of quick heat up & VERY easy clean up https://www.grillgrate.com/the-griddle/
  6. Freddyj

    Nothing but WFO money!

    what is this morsel? a pie?
  7. Freddyj

    Wahoo Fish Tacos

    as always...... amazing!!
  8. Freddyj

    What to cook on the cast iron griddle?

    first and foremost, steaks. sear with clarified butter for an amazing crust
  9. Freddyj

    Soapstone Onions and Smashburgers

    I have one with 3 cooks on it that fits a classic. I'd be willing to trade 2 x 15" grill grate panels for it (1/2 the cost of the stone) Before you agree to it, you'll def want to see how it looks after 3 cooks lol. It's in the sink soaking in a post of baking soda at the moment
  10. Freddyj

    Soapstone Onions and Smashburgers

    Where are your finished burger pics ? Did the family snark them down before you had a chance to photograph ?
  11. Freddyj

    Rib Fest

    Man, those pork ribs look killer!
  12. I have 3 black kamado Joe's and I bought each and every one of them hoping I would irritate anyone who bought a cheaper kamado. Even though I never cook on them, I consider them money well spent b/c my plan obviously worked!
  13. Freddyj

    Proud Owner of a New Kamado Big Joe

    Yep, waste of time and charcoal, wash the grate, spray with Pam, cook & enjoy
  14. Freddyj

    Deflector stones starting to fit tighter

    I'm thinking it's the ring because I have to press the grate halves in to the top to get them to seat