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  1. I made some jerky

    sweet, i'm overdue for a batch!
  2. I made some jerky

    looks great ryan, same recipe? what (if anything) did you do differently this time? amazon sells food grade moisture absorber packs for short money.
  3. New Lodge Round (double handle) skillets

    Those look great, might have to grab me one
  4. La Piazza Toscano

    I like the fire divider.
  5. Experimental Dough Idea

    is it a pizza or calzone dough?
  6. Costco Roadshow Schedule - December 2017

    thanks ben, i didnt catch that one but i still have about 9-10 of the 30# bags left. its a great deal.
  7. Costco Roadshow Schedule - December 2017

    dang! No New England! i could use another 20 bags or so of lump
  8. pretty cool, where is the store?
  9. I use the minion method in my Big Joe when making jerky. I find that controlling the amount of lump that is able to ignite makes keeping the grill temp at 150-170f (for as long as I want) a breeze
  10. Roccbox Pizza Oven

    not sure that I would have got it instead of a Pro, but would've considered it. I'm really liking the charcoal feature.
  11. UUNI Pro Burn-In and First Pizza

    would there be ham on a proper neo?
  12. Roccbox Pizza Oven

    I looked at those, theyre cool but limited to 12" pizza
  13. End Grain Chopping block

    ben, hope this sells soon, are you getting a bunch of i-told-you-so’s from the mrs?
  14. UUNI Pro Burn-In and First Pizza

    that’s an awesome pie