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  1. yeah, it looks really good. looking forward to your thoughts on final recipe. i got my Lloydpans grannies today along with a flatbread, sicillian and chicago deep dish pan. Nice stuff, many uses.
  2. thank you LRJ, lol on Siberia in jammies, its on my apple macbook air using google chrome but prob still same situation.
  3. freddyjbbq

    Joe 2 or 3

    I Personally id go for the III. KJ has improved design and it looks like it puts the grilling grate further away from the heat source.
  4. I get pop ups and ads, never used to up until about a year ago
  5. Ck, I forgot to ask the type of doughyour making? Is it a bar pizza?
  6. Gonna be great. I like where this is going!
  7. welcome! what price did the KJJ fetch if you dont mind my asking? thinking of selling mine along with some other stuff
  8. ok, thank you. its my most-used tool for WFO so i want a good one. my current one the handle is not long enough causing my hand to be too close to the fire when doming. not fun, no arm hair lol
  9. Is this the GI metals turner? What length handle and size turner peel to a fellow WFO junkie?
  10. Bet the baking steel would help with that, it’s killer!
  11. Do you have a recipe for these by chance? I’m ready to try a few other things in addition to just pizza
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