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  1. freddyjbbq

    Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Bars

    Sounds really good, any photos?
  2. freddyjbbq

    Peri Peri Roti Chicken

    I’ve never tried this seasoning, looks tasty!
  3. freddyjbbq

    Traeger ribs

    Ribs look perfect bro-ski
  4. freddyjbbq

    Finally upgraded to a Large BGE

    Congrats on your new Egg!
  5. freddyjbbq

    Another round with Umai

  6. freddyjbbq

    70-Day Dry Aged Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks

    My God that looks absolutely perfect!!!!
  7. freddyjbbq

    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    I have a similar story, Ryan really knows these grills. Keep your extra controller in a safe place lolz
  8. freddyjbbq

    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    dang it. can you post any pics of the what the control unit and phone app are doing? i remember it took me a couple of attempts before i figured mine out. just curious here
  9. lol, i 'may' have had one of those in my cooking career.
  10. Dang Bro! all of your food looks really great!!
  11. freddyjbbq

    Pellet Grill Owners?

    That's awesome, i knew you would love it once you started cooking on it. i share the same sentiments about the 1300; the 850 is a great grill but imo the difference in cooking chamber size seems a lot greater than 12". when you get a chance, follow the Chicken Challenge recipe on the WiFire App. i was skeptical at first with the higher temp, but the results on a whole chicken is spectacular!
  12. freddyjbbq

    Pellet Grill Owners?

    Earl, how do you feel about the pellet grill so far after owning it now for a little bit?
  13. dang! what a beautiful cook! @Bgosnell151 , recently i've become addicted to Alpine Butchers in Lowell, ever been?
  14. freddyjbbq

    Thanksgiving Upload Test

    Yep, it worked
  15. freddyjbbq

    Thanksgiving Upload Test

    Switch back from A to I & @Bosco tells me that the I auto adjusts photo size for forum upload. here is a non kamado photo from (very cold) thanksgiving here in the Boston area.