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  1. I love my carbon steel because it heats quickly and (unlike cast iron) doesn’t need to be seasoned. No fear of taking the season off on high-heat searing
  2. i used mine right out of the box and just hit it with a bit of cooking spray first the point of the cooking spray was to aid in preventing food from sticking, not to season the stone. not sure i follow the idea of seasoning the stone, it cant rust like CI but the surface will develop (sort of) a patina. good luck cleaning it.
  3. my Dad bought me a few bags at a low price, its good stuff
  4. pretty cool design and engineering & great videos.
  5. Thats what she said & personally, i would have zero issue buying a used kamado . i'd check for cracks in the base & top and it if was in good shape and price was right, then i would buy. my kamados have had zero failure rate outside of a cracked firebox here and there and if they werent free replacement and free shipping under warranty i wouldnt have bothered replacing them (kamado joes, black ones)
  6. im going to have to check this out!!
  7. Thanks Gents, they were and really got a great Smoke flavor into them. These were with the Traeger Gourmet Blend pellets from Costco.
  8. Made some St Louie’s today using the programmed cook cycle on the Traeger app (for fun) and the smoke flavor is fantastic!!
  9. really nice, love the money shot presentation!
  10. lol, you've found me out!! ok i'll fire it up!!
  11. Thank you! The egg pan is awesome. You could prob scramble the eggs & pour into the egg slots. I’ll give it a shot if you want to see a test run
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