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  1. Ultimately both grills will do exactly the same thing, cook food over fire. Best bet would be to see both of them in person & see which look & feel you like better. Ultimately look and feel will be the only real difference between the 2
  2. jusr call it a “demonstration” instead of review and show us the points that you usually cover; it will be a home run & disarms the bias argument. i see several interesting features in the video: 225f, 700f, charcoal, flame-searing, wood smoke, Temp control, 4 probes and all for $500? Huge value.
  3. I would love to try their bbq, looks great!
  4. Wow! Stunning! Might be the best I’ve seen yet!
  5. Looks tasty, I like the idea of powering through the stall
  6. How did you like the straight up sour?
  7. I’m sure it’s going to be great, coking in the WFO adds a depth of flavor (that I may or may not only imagine in my head) but I think you might experience the same lol
  8. really looking forward to this sd pizza, sounds tasty already
  9. congrats on your hard work daniel, great news to hear!
  10. I Think I saw that post , What have you got on hand for Detroit pans? I was considering adding some 9x9 or 8x10. a friend just bought 1/2 dozen 6x6 ; everyone gets cheesy corners/everybody wins!
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