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  1. its a cool color & matches your outfit
  2. looks like theyre incorporating the design of the Desora Grill (same company who invented the Slo Roller and sofware for new ikamand)
  3. i disagree with all of the comments about how tricky, cook other things 1st, etc when it comes to brisket; it is a long cook in the lower temp range, but there is no "mystery" to it. you've answered your own question, the marbled fat is what is going to keep your brisket (or ribs, butt, etc) from drying out and is going to give it incredible flavor. there is a reason that prime-grade costs more.... marbled fat. Try to get your hands on the point muscle if you are able, my butcher will separate the point from the flat and sell to me. give it another try with a fattier
  4. car looks amazing. @bosco if you name this car (or any of your kamodo's , kamados, or any other object that you own, i'll block you across all forms of media.
  5. Great video, i have the OG black models as well, interesting and informative
  6. you should be able to tell by looking at the charcoal, the KJ Lump is larger pieces and very dense..... great stuff!
  7. Do you still have the Komodo? those are pretty good, right?
  8. i would definitely add feet or otherwise create a gap between the bottom of your kamado and concrete. you will want to give the heat from the bottom of your grill some place to escape and Air is an excellent insulator!
  9. what about the Zen? have you figured out a way to do that on a pellet grill yet? seems to be very important
  10. Great Choice, you are going to love that grill. i had the D1 1300 & 850 & upgraded to the D2 equipment last year (Timberline 1300 & Ironwood 650). So much fun to cook on & the technology is top notch. I really enjoy the Smart Phone app & recipes; they've just upgraded the cloud server and the software just keeps getting better and better!
  11. the one on the right is cooler looking.
  12. hey guys, just as an outsider reading along i didnt get the impression that either of you were being disrespectful to one another, just 2 different opinions/experiences of the topic. People have been cooped up for quite a while now and it could be taking effect on us in ways that we've never before experienced here in the USA..... never thought that i would live through a plague!. Not to mention, this dang meat and toilet paper shortage will likely be the demise of our society.
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