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  1. just looked at the kamado joe website and the Classic 3 is advertised with 510 square inches of grill space where the Big Joe II actually has less at 452 sq inches. i'd have the unpopular vote here, with a family of 5 i use my original black kamado joe classic 1 weekly and gave my big joe to a family member. i think that either grill will perform exactly how you want a kamado to perform, but i would choose the Classic 3 every time if faced with this choice. if cooking long smokes for 10-15 people is a need, kamado might not be the best choice for that application.
  2. that’s interesting, now I’m wondering if it was insulated but it couldn’t have had more than 1/2” insulation but the temp dropped immediately after fuel was consumed. Anyhow, gas was great in the Uuni but I love baking on wood with an insulated oven
  3. I had the Uuni Pro with the same intention of loving idea of burning wood for authenticity & wouldn’t even have gotten the gas burner until @ckreef convinced me otherwise & I was sure glad he did. The ooni’s are not insulated & need constant fuel to maintain temp so I found the gas burner to be a HUGE advantage. I sold the oven after adding a full size wood oven but if I were to get another portable, I’d want smaller than the pro and definately gas so a Roccbox, Or Koda would likely be my choice (probably the Roccbox)
  4. these are some great looking pizzas!
  5. Looks great & you did a good job turning it especially for first cook when learning the personality of the oven
  6. that ridge will serve you well! i've had mine for several years & love it! happy 71st b-day brother! keep them fires burning!
  7. pellet grilling is where it’s at! even kamado joe is getting in on The action
  8. You can. There are other videos using a round cut out of foam board to create a hole for a sink, kamado, etc
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