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  1. La Piazza. Pizza Party has a pretty good following on Pizzamaking.com Check out the Alfa Ovens as well, couldnt be happier with mine and they have a few dealers in the Toronto area https://www.alfaforni.com/us/dealer-locator/
  2. Guy i know had one & sold it for it for another brand (struggled to get hot/stay hot) i started off with the Uuni Pro to see if id like it before i went for a bigger oven, sold it for what i originally paid. maybe try out the Ooni Koda to see if you like making pizza, its reasonably priced. https://ooni.com/
  3. Saw this guy in my local True Value, nice to see Kamado Joe up here in the Northeast, hope to see it trend
  4. do you have any photos of the finished pizza?
  5. do you have any brands or models in mind? @keeperovdeflame & @ckreef have given you a lot of excellent info and points. I had the Uuni Pro an CK convinced me to opt for the gas burner and man was i glad that i took that advice! the Uuni (and Roccbox) are not insulated like the big ovens so the propane is MUCH easier to maintain a steady temp. The downside is they cook well at EXTREMELY hot but lower temp, not so much. i was going to look at gas ovens when upgrading to a bigger but @bosco convinced me to opt for wood and man am i glad that i took that advice! The insulation in the bigger oven sure makes temp control/management SO MUCH easier. Pretty obvious that CK and i love the fire-management and cooking process as-much-as (if not a bit more than) the final product so wood enhances that imo. If you are more looking to set a dial and focus less on that part and more on the cooking then gas is surely the way to go.
  6. sounds like you and your mrs make a perfect team, she cuts, you grill. The slot dog changes the texture in an incredible way!
  7. Thank you so much! Now I want sauerkraut
  8. Wow! You did great work! Is that a cast iron kamado?
  9. thanks Guys, the pan pizzas are a whole lotta fun to make & very easy. you should give them a try!
  10. congrat! i have the Ironwood 650 its awesome!!
  11. We’re about the same, thinking of getting 6 pans for individual pizzas, 2 - 12x18 grannies and a couple of pie pans.
  12. 1. As BeN points out, the flavor is similar but not the same. 2. Imo it is definitely worth it to try a starter, you and your family will then be able to determine if the flavor is worth the effort. 3. I encourage you to try, it’s fun and the only way to find out how it hits your taste buds
  13. I’d recommend doing a google search for King Arthur Flour Detroit pizza & King Arthur flour grandma pizza the recipes/percentages work great, very simple & great results my 16x24 grandma pans don’t fit that recipe so I used the Lehman Dough calculator and plugged in : pan size, thickness factor, hydration, salt, yeast, etc
  14. Do you like that size? Or having used them a few times think another size is better?
  15. Thanks Jack, so easy to make & the kiddies love them lol
  16. Thankd ck, been messing around with the lloydpans a bit, thinking on getting a couple 12x18 grandmas and some small round, how do you like yours? the grandmas here are 18x24 and only fit inside my timberline 1300 and my Big WFO
  17. Been messin with some Detroit & Grandmas on the Pellet Grill & Wood Oven you can make great ones in any grill (indirect) home Oven or other
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