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  1. yeah, its a beauty, @bosco got one
  2. did you buy? looks like that is standarf pricing https://www.traegergrills.com/shop/grills/pro-series/780-575-pellet-grill
  3. hey Charlie, they worked out great! great performance and flavor profile (price is nice too)!
  4. Thank you! They were great! Good smoke flavor and only a 1 degree temp fluctuation throughout the cook. afterward I cranked the temp up to 500f and it got there and stayed there no problem very inexpensive and easy to find at Lowe’s
  5. Hey, thanks Scott ! Fun cook, no spritzing or anything
  6. Threw a couple of butts on the Timbo 850 today testing out some pitboss competition blend pellets today. Trying to use up a bottle of meat church honey bacon that I had. out & about all day, nice!
  7. @bosco I’m also interested in your answer to this question
  8. Thsnk you, I just calibrated the Traeger probe using my thermo pen, took about 10 seconds and were dead accurate now!
  9. Ok cool, I’ll check it out, let me know how you make out butts are on & super smoking away
  10. Can you advise if you find this? I noticed a variance in mine as well. Don’t use it often but I do use it. Yesh man @bosco has grill addiction problems, think he has the Ranger as well. Prob has a 575 like yours too, messed up
  11. Ive got a couple going on to the Timberline 850 in a couple of minutes here Similar process, same reason.
  12. you mean these? http://thegood-one.com/ i like the size & design. i'm thinking same thing, don't need or want anything to big or pricey but dont want a wobbly tin can from big box either
  13. in this case, wondering how you went about fire maintenance, meaning: did you remove food, grates, deflectors each time you had to make an addition? i haven't tried a stick burner yet, but its on my bucket list if i can come across a small one for a reasonable price.
  14. Thank you for posting, i'm going to check out the youtube video; always interested in bbq info. Point #2; couldnt agree more, i "smoked" a chicken one time in a WSM with some apple wood, and i found the after-taste of the end result to be offensive and somewhat putrid. the smokey taste stayed etched into my mind for a long time. Point #3, i've definately put too much smoke on my bbq cooks in the past (but, that is how we learn). when i began to make adjustments (this was on my kamado's before pellets), i heard someone make a point that smoke is like any other "spice/seasoning," in that if your recipe called for a given amount of black pepper (for example) and you doubled/tripled/quadrupled the amount, it would produce and unfavorable result. Fast-forward to pellet Grills...... before owning one, i had seen many folks opine that the smoke profile was lacking. while my timberline grills have the super-smoke feature, this little Ranger doesnt but kicks out a pretty good smoke flavor.
  15. My Ranger portable grill has very few bells & whistles and imparts a great smoke flavor on my cooks. I was able to capture the thin blue on a recent beef short rib cook & thought it looked pretty cool
  16. I usually do a similar process, not sure why people have such difficulty with it, maybe cooking to too high in internal temp before the sear? if people only have 1 grill and it’s s kamado, not sure how you’d sear at a high temp & then drop grill temp to finish up
  17. Ok cool, I’ll be interested to see how it turns out
  18. Dang! Nice investment in pizza tools! im interested in that Grandma pan & pizzas next I think. What styles will you make in the cutter pans? I saw them on the site, wondering the application? to anyone reading who likes to make pizzas, these pans are GREAT advice! I detroit style is simple to make, great reward for little effort. Need a good pan though
  19. Exactly and you might even have a few different versions of your “secret recipe” all of which produce a great result in their own rite. Sometimes I spritz and sometimes not. depending if I’m not home or sleeping when the cook starts. its fun to do, but I’ve found that the bark will still set of you don’t spritz. spritzing has no impact on the interior of the meat drying or staying moist (marbled fat content controls that aspect) Any liquid that you spray on the exterior of the meat will evaporate. ill oook prime grade briskets now after seeing results. here is a prime grade cooked at 225 (no spritzing) about 10 hours while I was at work & then braised in foil pan until tender looking forward to your results, enjoy! Brisket is a fun cook!
  20. if you accidentally back into my mailbox and offer to fix it & I ask you nicely to paint my fence, you might go for that? (Just joking around with you) Seriously, get your free replacement parts shipped free to your home, turn a few bolts & cook a burger .
  21. I don’t think you’ll have any worries, my firebox cracked and they sent a new one along with an all expense paid vacation to Alcapulco for my family of 5. Figured it was the least they could do
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