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  1. I got into a bbq with a WSM and loved it. After getting pretty good with ribs & other bbq, I started looking at BGE’s to consolade grillls & add pizza, etc & a friend in BBQ Brethren suggested I check out Kamado Guru. It was around the time that John got the Big Joe and began making videos. Started off with the Big Joe in Black, won a Classic & later added the Junior at a demo while on vacation. Great grills, fun to cook on.
  2. Thank you! Came out awesome. I thought same but watch the video & you’re question will be answered
  3. Only in the eyes of cook who prefers one method to next. Andy Scalzo (who brought Kamado rotisserie to Kamado Joe) would argue from the point of benefits of direct flame adding flavor to the food. It would be an interesting debate because you’d both be right
  4. What’s to understand other than people like to do it that way? Lid open, lid closed, direct, indirect, coals banked, coals not banked wearing a tuxedo or completely buck naked, the heat & the chicken don’t care, any of these methods will work. jprobably why the joe tisserie doesn’t include these instructions. your chicken looks amazing btw
  5. Posting this info because I’m blown away with results and someone else might find it useful. i have zero masonry experience but wanted a 3’x6’ countertop for my pizza oven and natural stone was cost prohibitive. total cost so far is about $110 and I plan to finish wet sanding today, seal tomorrow then just have to build my base.
  6. That looks Grrar! I just made a concrete countertop for my pizza oven. Zero experience with masonry, watched a YouTube video and it came out amazing
  7. ive never had that happen. maybe a good idea to call traeger customer service, might need some replacement parts
  8. Ya, if the claims are reality, the. That is a GREAT temp range. going Form lightingba match and tweaking vents to auger, fire pit, thermostat it will be interesting to see how everything works/holds up and how kamafo folk react/respond. impressive temps & run times though
  9. that was a pretty good look at the grill. metal bottom, ceramic top. claim that 4kg pellets will run 15 hours at 225f and 6 hours at 650f which is some really great efficiency if it holds true in people's back yards. @Charcoal Addict can you provide any insight to these efficiency claims based on your pellet grill experience? I'm really interested in one after watching this video.
  10. thanks Paul, i will do so in order not to jinx the team lol. thank you!!
  11. I’m in the same boat. Also the grill is stunning
  12. We did a little Detroit Style Pizza in our Timberline 1300 tonight for the Patriots game.
  13. Again, for sake of comparison, which specific pellet grill are you cooking with and can you clarify “blowing through” by estimating the standard of lbs used per hour? i don’t find my timberline or ironwood to consume an unrealistic amount of fuel but if we’re going to continue discussing this point I’m wondering what grill type I’m comparing to? Do you own/cook on a pellet grill or just going off of what you’ve heard?
  14. What model pellet grill are you cooking on? I see people with various makes and models of pellets grills making great cooks at low & high temps, baking, grilling, bbq-ing, smoking, etc. Same.
  15. Love mine, 1300 D2, wouldn’t trade it for anything. Bet it if I cooked ribs in & and the pellet joe they would come out identical and no one could tell which was cooked on which in a blind taste test.
  16. I like the idea of building a cooker but think going in the direction of a wood-fired oven would satisfy your desire to build while expanding your arsenal of cooking equipment and range of cooking. there are many plans, videos, how tos, etc on line
  17. Point 1 : here is the comparison, don’t even need to cool a pellet joe to make it: Both grills work and cook exactly the same (all pellet cookers do). Timberline has larger food and pellet capacity. Both may have different features. Both will cook food exactly the same. Both look very different on the outside. Point 2: for any Kamado or KJ brand enthusiast who wants to try/own a pellet grill, the pellet joe will have the advantage. Both pellet grills will cook exactly the same way. imo the pellet joe is gorgeous and exciting. Coming from a guy who owns 3 charcoal Kamados, i would’ve had a charcoal and pellet Kamado if the option were available because the are very different grills and do different things. The only difference between my junior, classic & BJ is the amount of fuel & food that they will hold
  18. There are several good points made here & I agree with all of them
  19. 1. Fair point and you have to take comments for what they’re worth (both positive and negative), they are just words. I left a positive comment, like the idea and love the look of the grill but will I purchase? 2. Agree. I was hoping that this kamado would be dual fuel pellet & charcoal; it isn’t, but maybe future models will. Comparing straight up to pellet grills, my traegers have 20 & 22# hopper capacity (compare to kj 8#) and 650 & 1300 square inches grilling capacity. Looking forward to seeing one in person, I’d love to do a couple of cooks on one. Love that KJ is giving this a shot and the frill looks great!
  20. Ya, it looks great and has a serious cool factor !
  21. ¡ƃuᴉzɐɯɐ sʞool ʇᴉ ʇnq ɐzzᴉd uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn ɟo pɹɐǝɥ ɹǝʌǝN
  22. You buying one? You buying one?
  23. It will be interesting to see where it goes. Getting TONS of comments on the KJ Instagram post; positive outweighing the negative by a fair amount.
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