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  1. that ridge will serve you well! i've had mine for several years & love it! happy 71st b-day brother! keep them fires burning!
  2. pellet grilling is where it’s at! even kamado joe is getting in on The action
  3. You can. There are other videos using a round cut out of foam board to create a hole for a sink, kamado, etc
  4. i calibrated mine, great feature, pretty easy to do.
  5. Go to a butcher shop in your area, if they don’t have it, they will order you one. My experience is that a prime grade is worth every penny in terms of flavor, texture, etc. my butcher will gladly trim the brisket for bbq (you don’t pay for the discarded fat) or separate and sell just the point muscle
  6. Ultimately both grills will do exactly the same thing, cook food over fire. Best bet would be to see both of them in person & see which look & feel you like better. Ultimately look and feel will be the only real difference between the 2
  7. jusr call it a “demonstration” instead of review and show us the points that you usually cover; it will be a home run & disarms the bias argument. i see several interesting features in the video: 225f, 700f, charcoal, flame-searing, wood smoke, Temp control, 4 probes and all for $500? Huge value.
  8. I would love to try their bbq, looks great!
  9. Wow! Stunning! Might be the best I’ve seen yet!
  10. Looks tasty, I like the idea of powering through the stall
  11. How did you like the straight up sour?
  12. I’m sure it’s going to be great, coking in the WFO adds a depth of flavor (that I may or may not only imagine in my head) but I think you might experience the same lol
  13. really looking forward to this sd pizza, sounds tasty already
  14. congrats on your hard work daniel, great news to hear!
  15. I Think I saw that post , What have you got on hand for Detroit pans? I was considering adding some 9x9 or 8x10. a friend just bought 1/2 dozen 6x6 ; everyone gets cheesy corners/everybody wins!
  16. I have a kj and a Traeger, both great grills and use them often. I think that you will enjoy them, loooinf forward to seeing your p&s
  17. lol, thank you.. everyone thinks i'm crazy till they're eating ribs while the neighbors are eating TV dinners and frozen pizza
  18. you did a great job, looks great! i just built a 3'x6' concrete top for my pizza oven for my pizza oven table. very fun project. very rewarding.
  19. Sometimes finding it can be more of a concern than cooking on it
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