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  1. looks good, are you planning to bake bread in your kamado?
  2. thats a great idea. i've been toying with the idea of another starter to try some sourdough pizzas. how do you dehydrate it?
  3. yep, solves one of the biggest complaints about large cast iron pans (too heavy)
  4. The carrier I have is 10.5” x 16” and the stone is smaller. Haven’t used it without the carrier but I would definately want space and airflow between it and another surface like cooking hearth or heat deflector. I have a griddle made by grillgrates company, it is fantastic for searing and by far the easiest to store and clean out of all of the surfaces ive used (including baking steel)
  5. same. i really wanted to love the shape of the pan vs classic round but couldn't make the jump.
  6. i've seared steak on: KJ soapstone, lavastone, salt-block, Cast Iron 1/2 moon, cast iron skillet (probably more stuff who knows). my experience is that the sear comes out about the exact same across the board (given similar heat range) Things that i like about my current stone vs the soapstone: juice groove, smaller & lighter, comes in a rack so that the stone doesnt sit directly on my the hearth of my oven.
  7. Here is my rectangular Alfa ovens Lavastone. They sell online at bbqguys. Works pretty well
  8. looks fantastic! i have the IW 650 as well and LOVE it!!
  9. Dang, you’ve got one of these also? I upgraded my pizza Oven & traegers lol
  10. Ok cool, I just sent my join request
  11. my wife and i have also gotten apple watch for this & we love it.
  12. it sounds great, what kinds of things do you like to cook on it? thinking my wife might like this to compliment her sous vide cooking
  13. ive always wanted to try one of these and i think a table top version would be good so that i could store it away when not in use. glad to see you recommending the 17 & 22", what is the name of your fb group? id love to have a look around.
  14. 900f definately can be done but I’d argue the statement “as usable” is this your first kamado experience? To each their own but if you are looking to cook around that temp with any type of regularity, then a cooker designed for that purpose would be a great investment. good luck, be safe!
  15. might have to try these in the wood oven.
  16. Looks great to me!
  17. La Piazza. Pizza Party has a pretty good following on Pizzamaking.com Check out the Alfa Ovens as well, couldnt be happier with mine and they have a few dealers in the Toronto area https://www.alfaforni.com/us/dealer-locator/
  18. Guy i know had one & sold it for it for another brand (struggled to get hot/stay hot) i started off with the Uuni Pro to see if id like it before i went for a bigger oven, sold it for what i originally paid. maybe try out the Ooni Koda to see if you like making pizza, its reasonably priced. https://ooni.com/
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