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  1. 8 hours ago, ckreef said:


    Pizza Hut personal pan pizza dough. It has sugar, oil, and dry milk in it. Also oil in the bottom of the pan. 


    I'm not done tweaking the dough recipe yet. 



    yeah, it looks really good.  looking forward to your thoughts on final recipe.  i got my Lloydpans grannies today along with a flatbread, sicillian and chicago deep dish pan.  Nice stuff, many uses.

  2. 3 hours ago, LargeRedJoe said:

    Is this on your iPhone and says "you won a contest!" or similar? Or seemingly tied to Amazon?  If so it's a problem throughout the Apple iPhone world and not tied to Kamado Guru.


    The short term answer is to close Safari, put the phone in Airplane mode and clear the browser cache and cookies.


    Long term is hunt down these con men and send them to Siberia in their pajamas.  




    thank you LRJ, lol on Siberia in jammies, its on my apple macbook air using google chrome but prob still same situation.

  3. I

    14 hours ago, mori55 said:

    I really can’t decide which one to get. I’m not sure if the SloRoller is that big of a deal. I also don’t like the idea of Teflon on it. I know don’t heat it so high , but how many time have you over shot a temp heating it up. I’m not even sure if I need all the different heights of the grill. I use it for grilling burgers steaks and smoking pork butts ribs and briskets. 

      Sometimes these accessories is just more stuff to sit around or rust up over the winter. Kinda of reminds of the latest greatest iPhone. And I’ve been down that road 


    Personally id go for the III.


    KJ has improved design and it looks like it puts the grilling grate further away from the heat source.

  4. On 4/13/2019 at 8:31 AM, ckreef said:


    Thursday night I mixed up the dough and let it rise until doubled. I made the balls and proofed them for 

    This was a new dough recipe. A copycat Pizza Hut recipe. It tasted good and was easy enough to work with. The very bottom of the crust had a nice crunch and the middle was still soft and moist. I'll probably make a slightly smaller batch next time. I also need to up the temperature and get a shorter cook time. Weather to let them come to temperature first or come straight from the refrigerator is still undecided. Will probably try again Sunday. 






    Ck, I forgot to ask the type of doughyour making? Is it a bar pizza? 

  5. 22 hours ago, ckreef said:

    I got my new 7", stackable Lloyd personal pan pizza pans. Five of them. 





    Why 7" you ask? These were bought as to go pans to be used in my Primo Oval Jr Go setup. 





    Why stackable you ask? Stackable pans have a little over 1" of space between pans when stacked and the top pan acts as a cover for the pan below it. The idea is to make and stretch the dough in the pan the night before or the morning of. You then stack the pans and stick them in the refrigerator or cooler. When ready to cook you pull them out let everyone dress their own lunch pizza and throw them on the grill. 


    @freddyjbbq let the tests begin this weekend. I have two dough recipes to try out to begin with. Can you go straight from the refrigerator to dressing then onto the grill or do you need to let them come to room temperature first? I want these to cook in 4-5 minutes. If I have 12 pans (6 sets of 2) I should be able to roll them through the grill in 30-40 minutes total time. To me that would be acceptable. Hopefully I can get this all figured out within the next few weeks. 


    I'll posts my tests in this thread. 


    Once figured out I'll get a head count for my sister's house and buy some more pans. That way I can take the oval Jr and pans to her house early this summer for vacation. 







    Yessir! I like where this is going!! 

  6. 2 hours ago, ckreef said:


    That is from GI Metal. 10" head with 47" handle. Not cheap but worth the money. Just the right size IMHO. 





    ok, thank you.  its my most-used tool for WFO so i want a good one.  my current one the handle is not long enough causing my hand to be too close to the fire when doming.  not fun, no arm hair lol

  7. On 6/11/2018 at 1:01 PM, ckreef said:


    I don't think a pizza screen would be enough. Maybe if you had it up a couple of inches off the deck using a wire rack. Either way with 2 KK's sitting on the porch plenty of other options to cook a pie. 


    Some things are meant for a WFO, some things are not. 



    Bet the baking steel would help with that, it’s killer!


  8. On 8/5/2018 at 9:03 AM, ckreef said:

    Pulled Pork buns. For bread in a WFO it's all about timing your fire management with the dough proofing time. Getting better at that. You want a small bed of coals at the most relying mainly on residual heat. 400* happened just as the buns had 1 hour proof time. 






    Do you have a recipe for these by chance? I’m ready to try a few other things in addition to just pizza 

  9. 11 minutes ago, TexasBlues said:

    WOW... those look amazing...


    I was thinking of attempting to purchase some dough from a local pizza shop near by...


    I don't have the proper mixer to make my own...








    this dough was mixed by hand, but a mixer works well too!


    personally id invest in a good quality $30.00 scale to weigh ingredients before a mixer

  10. 2 minutes ago, ckreef said:

    Not just a BBQ/grill snob but a food snob in general. I actually don't classify myself as a snob but more very critical of restraunts in general. From seating to paying the check and everything in between. I am very critical of the food itself and have found there are just a few restaurants I really enjoy. Mrs skreef laughs at me all


    With that said I'm also very critical of the food I cook. Most of what I cook I feel is good and every once in a while I'll cook a truly spectacular meal. It's those occasional spectacular meals that keeps me trying rather than just cooking a good meal to nourish the body. 





    Spot on and to be honest, I think that most people who are not into cooking are perfectly fine with mediocre restaurant food and LOVE it!


    i did a pizza demo a few weeks back with pre-made crust,  canned sauce and an awesome 1/2 prov 1/2 mozz mix & people LOVED it!


    couldnt make them fast enough and they devoured 20 in  3 hours, I’m like Really?  Lol

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