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  1. I've searched this site for the answer, but came up with varying results. I plan on smoking 2 8 lb butts. Most say to allow 1.5-2 hours/lb time. However, most of those people do not mention that they foil 4-5 hours in, as I plan to. Is the 1.5-2 hour/lb estimate correct for foiling? A lot of the YouTube videos that are foiling say to allow 1 hour/lb. Which time is correct?
  2. Howdy all. I have smoke plenty in years past with a Weber bullet smoker, but haven't smoked in a decade. Now I have the Louisiana Grills Kamado from Costco. (yes, it was a bear to get it home). With the Weber there was a forum dedicated to that particular smoker. In researching info on a Kamado grill, I ventured upon this site. It had what that website had-a one stop shop for all things for my grill. Looking forward to learning new tricks for this old dog.
  3. Tomorrow will be my first cook with my new Louisiana Grills kamado. I've smoke a good bit in the past with a Weber Smokey Mountain bullet smoker. But have done anything in about 10 years. I've researched plenty about the kamado, so I'm ready. But I do have two questions that I can't find the answers to. 1. How much lump do I fill the fire pit with? Up to the holes? More=better? I did the recommended curing that the manual has. It said only to use a handful for the curing. (temp 180-220). A handful barely stayed lit and temp barely reached 180. Obviously I need more, but I don't want to over do it. (cooking 10lb spareribs) 2. Tomorrow will be rainy, windy and cool (low 50's F) Anything special I should do to compensate for the weather?
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