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  1. Which is why we made it a point to move out of the snow belt a few years ago!
  2. Supposedly?? Do you think its any better?
  3. I believe it is pork shoulder cut into rib like pieces, and I'm pretty sure I used to get them when I lived in Texas. Yeah, I had to buy another piece of gasket and double up the gasket on top to get it to work
  4. About 4 hours, with about 30 minutes left I put the ribs in tinfoil and slathered them with BBQ sauce And let them finish, took them off the heat but left them in the foil to rest for about 10-15 minutes...Mmmmm
  5. Oh, and one more thing to note on this particular cook, I tried a bag of "Masterbuilt" lump charcoal on this and while the lump size was nice it was by far the "sparkiest" stuff I have used yet... I was half afraid of catching on fire everytime I opened the cooker !
  6. You could see the video?? I can't even see it! And there are no neighborhoods around here , thank God! Besides too much like work to get it into the back of my truck!
  7. Not sure about all that but here it is. As far as the lime juice it needs to be fresh squeezed, bottled lime juice will not work. I get one of those little bags, maybe 10 or so of the little limes. Squeeze till you get half a cup or so, put the shrimp in the juice and into the fridge for about 2 hours. When you are ready to put everything together strain the shrimp out of the juice (keeping juice) and add 1/4 cup of that lime juice into the mix. The corn : I like to quick lightly brown it in a pan or under the broiler, either way works. Let me know how it turns out if you try it please!
  8. Tomorrow, I'll try to remember to post the recipe. It's to die for!
  9. Thanks, Yeah, I did not mean to post it, but I could not get it to cancel/delete either, it was just my cooker smoking is all so you didn't miss anything.
  10. So I got a new Kontrol Tower top for my KJC 1, finally got to where I could use it today (long story). The wife picked up some nice country style ribs (one of my favorites) so I thought that would work, cold windy rainy day. Got it fired up Got the ribs ready with my WORLD FAMOUS rub Cooker is up and ready with my new top. Going to have some ceviche style Mexican shrimp cocktail with it today. So I have the shrimp in lime juice cooking. The Kontrol Tower worked perfect keeping the temp on target and the ribs turned out perfect! And the Shrimp cocktail YUM! IMG_6692.MOV
  11. I agree completely, I’m amazed at how much charcoal the KJ doesn’t use!
  12. Hmmm... never did like my akorn much, just didn't work that well and it rusted out twice! Love my KJ classic, cooks SO much better.. like night and day! And the KJ uses WAY less charcoal in my experience. To each thier own though!
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