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  1. So I've often wondered Boater, is says you are in the SE us.. where, I'm in South Carolina.
  2. I totally agree, hard to find stuff on FB that you were looking at earlier! Not at all familiar with Reddit , never been there..
  3. Yes, but it is going to go away, he is shutting the site down end of December!
  4. Maybe you could set it up and John just be a contributor if he doesn't want to do it anymore, which it sounds like.
  5. Thanks Jark I am on that site and will check out the grilling section. Hope to talk to you there. And I agree with you, I will miss this site and all the people that I met here!
  6. So sorry to see this place go away, glad it was here when I was learning to use my Kamado!
  7. So sorry to see this place go away, glad it was here when I was learning to use my Kamado!
  8. Sold the Harley and bought a new toy! And next to the wifes car
  9. First time I've been able to get in since I posted this.
  10. I try to click on my links to get me here and they go nowhere, whats up?
  11. Thanks Jark Yeah, my gaskets look fine and dandy which is good because I just replaced them not long ago. I'm thinking your cieling should be fine even after a hot cleaning, if you are worried have a fan blowing over the top of the kamado.
  12. So I did a cook yesterday afternoon and as usual I opened things up after to do a burn off, kind of forgot about it and when I went out it was a little over that 900 mark (KJ if it matters). So I shut it down to let it cool off until this morning. No cracks or anything obvious other than my grills now look a bit rusty. Did a full cleanout/tear down seeing as it was probably time anyway. Everything looked good and the ceramic was cleaner than it has looked in a ling time, some of it was back to white even. Are my grills ok or should I look to replace them? Oh, and for kicks my cook (it is the cooking section after all). Pork loin and some chicken thighs.. even found some Jealous Devil lump.
  13. Well, I'm hooked on a feeling!
  14. And I like it smoky and usually use 3-5 wood chunks in mine, depending on the cook of course.
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