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  1. Easy peasy... just tell them the truth.
  2. Another thing I do is when the top is cool enough to touch at the end of a cook, I'll rotate it back and forth to loosen it up for the next cook.
  3. So I mentioned I got a rock in one of my bags (not sure which bag), But I don't really care, just mentioned it cause it was being talked about here.. If I got 20 rocks in one bag or something, it would concern me, one... no.
  4. Do you have a link to do this?
  5. I get my KJ very hot after every couple cooks and it seems to keep that top vent pretty clean..
  6. So today was a nice little rack of baby back ribs, yummy. nothing fancy, ribs and fresh corn! Seasoned and ready and cooking, about 4 hours at 220, lots of hickory And the finished product
  7. I was finally able to find some FOGO... on my first bag of it. SFSG
  8. Absolutely!! I have learned so much from you and this fine place!! Keep up the good work!
  9. Thanks john, I just found this.. sent a PayPal contribution to you.. Keep up the great work! Made a notation on it it was from me A.O.
  10. Kind of WAY off the subject, but I was working in a sporting goods store when Hunger Games came out.. and every little girl came in looking to buy a bow! And that seafood looks fantastic!
  11. Well I have never heard of such a thing, until just the other day.. I found one when cleaning out the KJ. Mine was only worth a 5 though!
  12. Thanks, it was a fun little project. Only a little over a year to do!
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