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  1. Yep that sounds right, thanks.. I rarely buy any peppers It depends on the peppers, some whole, some halved , reapers normally quartered due to their potency, easier to use that way..
  2. Cool, got one, didnt know the name, thanks But interesting, I dont think I've ever used it to hold my deflector plates
  3. Instead of the rendered fat, try a couple strips of bacon on top as you smoke/cook them... mmm mmm good!
  4. I thought Chipotles were from poblano peppers ... My jalapenos I can like someone else mentioned, the hot ones, Reapers, ghost, habaneros I just dehydrate , never tried smoking any. Good luck..
  5. Yeah, the problem with the RO it it is ALL little pieces!! All kinds have some little pieces, but thats the only thing I've found in the RO..
  6. Well it was fun for a while.. I'll stick with the cooking side of the forum..
  7. Sad state of affairs there!!
  8. Not sure I would want that in my compost
  9. Yeah, I'm really thinking RO has turned into a bust!
  10. Its kind of like the spiders here in South Carolina!
  11. Screened in porches are usually meant to keep out bugs... I DO NOT want to see those bugs there!!
  12. You say no nitrates, did you not cure this first?
  13. Well you would have problems with it if it was all so small it dropped through the charcoal basket like mine did.
  14. I'm limited to what they carry around here and so far its at the top of my list. It looks like cheap cheesy wallyworld stuff... but I like it. You should give it a try..
  15. Talk to me about those fries, baked fry shaped potatoes ...well not fried fries or something like that, anyway, they look great and I want to try them, YES with catchup, can you give some more details please?
  16. Ewww.. you must be a Canadian!
  17. So an update.. was running short on charcoal so the wife grabbed me another bag of the Walmart "Expert Grill" lump charcoal. I was scared that without groping the bag and checking it out first it would be disappointing like the RO charcoal. To my surprise its another bag looks like of good sized lumps, I opened it and had a look (see pics) and also groped the bag further down and it all seems good again. The first bag burned very well and had large chunks all the way to the bottom, I'm hoping this does as well, especially for a 30 pound bag priced at $14.99 US.
  18. I have zero good information, I just wanted to say those things are so cool looking!!
  19. It DOES NOT look perfect!!! It would have to be at MY house to look perfect!
  20. I finally sucked it up and tossed that bag of Royal Oak, I couldn't even keep it contained in my charcoal basket it was so small, write it off as a loss and a lesson!
  21. So I made a couple pizzas for lunch today, they turned out pretty good. about 625 for 8-10 minutes..
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