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  1. Easy peasy... just tell them the truth.
  2. Another thing I do is when the top is cool enough to touch at the end of a cook, I'll rotate it back and forth to loosen it up for the next cook.
  3. So I mentioned I got a rock in one of my bags (not sure which bag), But I don't really care, just mentioned it cause it was being talked about here.. If I got 20 rocks in one bag or something, it would concern me, one... no.
  4. Do you have a link to do this?
  5. I get my KJ very hot after every couple cooks and it seems to keep that top vent pretty clean..
  6. So today was a nice little rack of baby back ribs, yummy. nothing fancy, ribs and fresh corn! Seasoned and ready and cooking, about 4 hours at 220, lots of hickory And the finished product
  7. I was finally able to find some FOGO... on my first bag of it. SFSG
  8. Absolutely!! I have learned so much from you and this fine place!! Keep up the good work!
  9. Thanks john, I just found this.. sent a PayPal contribution to you.. Keep up the great work! Made a notation on it it was from me A.O.
  10. Kind of WAY off the subject, but I was working in a sporting goods store when Hunger Games came out.. and every little girl came in looking to buy a bow! And that seafood looks fantastic!
  11. Well I have never heard of such a thing, until just the other day.. I found one when cleaning out the KJ. Mine was only worth a 5 though!
  12. Thanks, it was a fun little project. Only a little over a year to do!
  13. I have a few I like, not the Anejo variety though.. great for sipping but not sharp enough for a margarita. Blanco is good and some Resposado's . On my personal list 1921 , Don Julio, Cabo Wabo, Corralejo, Milagro's not too bad. I'm sure there are others that escape me right now too. And NO, Patron is not on my list... they do not have great tequila, they have great advertising!! And here is a weird one... Lunazul its cheap, someone talked me into trying it once and its not bad.
  14. Well if these are random pics, here is a pic of a table I completed yesterday. I started by cutting the trees down to do this..
  15. And shopping day again... And some Margarita grade Tequila.
  16. I like your smoked salsa idea, might have to try that.
  17. Keeper, thanks for the recipe on your veggie medley.. I like the Simon and Garfunkel herbs reference!
  18. I got a door mat for fathers day with this tag on it!
  19. The stores here are full of it!!
  20. The day and the dinner turned out great, ended up enlisting the help of my weber in order to have enough space, did potatoes, onions and zucchini on the webber.. Steaks, onions started out on the kamado.. Got the steaks to 120 , let them rest while I got the kamado hot and did a good sear on them.. And the finished product, at least the meat here... mmmmm
  21. Got my ribeye's seasoned along with some Vidalia onions, going to cut up some baby reds also.. cant wait!
  22. I'm pretty much in the straight Tequila sipper or margarita boat.. I dont venture far from there...
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