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  1. It is one of the simplest and most tasty cooks out there, I agree.
  2. Thanks, I tried your second way to no avail, I'll try your first way next time, thanks. Oh, and it was amazing...
  3. Was working around the house yesterday so I thought I'd do some cooking, nothing much just a little chicken. first a salt bath for about 3-4 hours Then my favorite rub.. salt pepper and minced garlic I cooked this one with 1 cherry chunk, and 2 hickory, about 50 minutes at about 400 degrees! (sure wish I could figure out how to put text between the pictures)
  4. Well on that particular cook, I spatchcocked another chicken then split it into two and cooked them both together. They both turned out amazing!
  5. Yep deflectors and a higher temp.. 400-425ish. Works for me. Heat deflectors on the higher placement
  6. BOOMER SOONER... What a game!! And Alabama goes down!! NHL is good, go BLACKHAWKS!
  7. One more little detail... On the Kamado Joe's there is an ash cleanout tray, I dont believe the BGE has incorporated one as of yet (I may be wrong here) I have a joe and my SIL a BGE, I slide out my ashpan and dump it and he has to dig all that out from the top.
  8. Welcome Adamon. My first cook went kind of the same way, left the vents open while I was preparing and ended up with a nuclear cooker at about 900 degrees!! As far as the charcoal thing if you are coming from a briquette coal cooker, Weber or whatever, this is a bit different deal. You do not want the whole bed ablaze before you start usually. Check out this thread from John... LOTs of good info on getting started. I normally plan on about 45 minutes to an hour to get my KJ up to temp and stabilized before I put on my food, then when I put my food on I dont mess with the settings and just let the cooker come back up to temp. Any time you add meat or whatever its going to cool the cooker down and you just have to let it do its thing and get up to temp again... then if you have to tweek it by all means do so, a very little at a time.
  9. Thanks... and a little bigger than a beach umbrella yes.
  10. I will disagree with the acorn (my opinion based on personal experience) I had an Acorn for several years and it worked "ok" , that's it, just ok. after about a year and a half or so, the main piece of the bottom rusted out, I'll give kudos to the Acorn people as they replaced it no problem. About a year later it rusted out again (almost always under roof), so I set it out on the curb for the next guy to try. A year and a half or so later bought a KJ Classic... Night and Day difference! Absolutely love my KJ and the way it cooks, just like a Kamado should!! Again, this is my opinion based on my experience, the only opinion I have, take it for what its worth. Not looking to get into a squabble with any Acorn lovers and will not do so. If you love them that is great, I did not.
  11. I'll enjoy watching SEC football when OU gets there!
  12. Just for fun, or maybe to show off a little is my set up, I built it with outside cooking in mind. Its a cabana for my pool with an extended bit of concrete to put my cooker on out from under the roof with the idea I can pull it under the roof in inclement weather. It does have a ceiling fan to disperse the smoke, cool me down , and blow away the flies. I have also mounted an umbrella that I can swing over the hot tub, or swivel it over the cooker to shield me from rain or the blazing sun in the summer.. here's a couple pics
  13. Or put a ceiling fan in that enclosure, it will blow the smoke away, and, keep you cooler on a hot day.
  14. Good point guys, and noted.. I'll have to see whats out there to try on.
  15. So, reasonably new to this Kamado thing , KJ Classic. Besides "regular" stuff I've done a brisket and pork shoulder with stellar results... My next big experiment is going to be a turkey this thanksgiving as my daughters and my one SIL will be coming. So I'm starting my research early to get my supplies in line in plenty of time! Thanks for the great write up John, and all the other comments by everyone along the way! Wish me luck!
  16. And with the sectioned firebox in the KamadoJoe I think there is not much chance of it cracking.
  17. Some people have more money than brains!
  18. So please explain your procedure on those ribeye's.
  19. Very good, and like I said I'm pretty much still just a rookie. I've not done any baking yet except a couple pizzas.. I guess that's baking?? Not really practiced enough to tell the taste difference in different charcoals. But I AM practiced enough to know I like these Kamados! And glad I found your place here for the guidance and ideas!
  20. So I found this stuff at Walmart its called "Expert Grill" looks pretty cheesy but the sizes are good and it burns very well, at least for me, but remember I AM a rookie at all this so take that with a grain of salt. But maybe you could get a bag and test it out. You would be a better judge of things than I. And at $15 for a 30 pound bag, the price is right!
  21. Or buy stuff with less “rubble”! at least one of those bags were from the top of a shrink wrapped pallet
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