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  1. Some people have more money than brains!
  2. So please explain your procedure on those ribeye's.
  3. Very good, and like I said I'm pretty much still just a rookie. I've not done any baking yet except a couple pizzas.. I guess that's baking?? Not really practiced enough to tell the taste difference in different charcoals. But I AM practiced enough to know I like these Kamados! And glad I found your place here for the guidance and ideas!
  4. So I found this stuff at Walmart its called "Expert Grill" looks pretty cheesy but the sizes are good and it burns very well, at least for me, but remember I AM a rookie at all this so take that with a grain of salt. But maybe you could get a bag and test it out. You would be a better judge of things than I. And at $15 for a 30 pound bag, the price is right!
  5. Or buy stuff with less “rubble”! at least one of those bags were from the top of a shrink wrapped pallet
  6. The offending bags I bought I believe were bought at Lowes, but could have been Home Depot.. not positive sorry.
  7. If you can cook with powder, more power to ya.
  8. I did not think anything of the like, was just a mere discussion. All I can go by is the two bags I have bought , both with the same poor results, you will excuse me if I dont go for three.
  9. Yes, I have moved on and had forgotten all about this till it was brought up again (not by me) . On my second bag of the cheesy looking Expert Grill Lump at Walmart and it works great!
  10. I've bought 2 bags, they were both like that, I wont waste my time trying to sort, scavenge and cook with it, too many useable brands out there.
  11. I love country style ribs! I believe they are cut from the shoulder... ?
  12. Good thread, need to try the wings sometime on the KJ, have not tried it yet. I like my wings Buffalo style and have always deep fried them, does anyone make a dry buffalo sauce?
  13. Any finished pictures there JeffieBoy? Sounds like a great time, good job!
  14. Here again is what I am talking about. Kingsford Briquets looks like lump in comparison!!
  15. Well lets see, you pay for a bag of LUMP charcoal and at least half the bag is bits and pieces and powder that is basically unusable.. seems like a problem to me, if you like it... you buy it, I will not again! Oh yeah, and the mess of sorting through it to find the few useable pieces.
  16. Well when you pour it in the charcoal basket and a lot of it ends up in the cleanout tray, I'd say that's a problem.
  17. Well for me the size!! little bitty pieces!
  18. "Participation award" What a joke!! I would not let my kids have one!
  19. Can you somehow rig up a gas burner in there? Those Vision Kamados have a optional gas burner set up, maybe you could make that work?
  20. So where do you get your meat for this? And what cut of meat do you use? The times I've made bacon it was with the meat off a wild pig, and there isn't much there because wild pigs are way leaner than the fattened up commercial ones..
  21. We like them.. big and meaty, we do them here and there..
  22. Interesting, I've never tried curing it that way, do you have a recipe or a link or something? It sure looks good!!
  23. I like it as well, drank a LOT of it in my youth too... The wife likes Miller which works as well Heck, WAY back when, I mostly drank Schlitz... I was young and didn't know any better!
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