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  1. On 7/22/2021 at 11:19 PM, Henry B 3 said:

    The most loved accessory I had.  After using it for the 6th time, it split right down the middle.  My prior cooks clocked in around 500, the last was at 720.  It produced fantastic ribeyes. Opened it up a little later and right down the center.  A side crack I could have worked with, but the center?  Never shocked it with abrupt temp changes.  This has to be a flaw in the stone as everything KJ has put out, at least for me has been fantastic.  

    So any suggestions to other manufactures of soapstones?  I found a few but I would rather hear from y'all.  

    So please explain your procedure on those ribeye's.

  2. 13 hours ago, John Setzler said:

    @A.O. I will grab a bag of that next time I'm in there and give it a whirl....


    For what it's worth, I use TWO types of lump charcoal here.  When I'm cooking meat, I use Kamado Joe Big Block.  When I am cooking anything else, which is a LOT of the time, I'm using royal oak.  It doesn't have the heavy smoke profile that the KJ has and if you are baking bread or a cake or a pie or anything where smoke would actually interfere with your results, the cleaner burning coal is a great choice.


    Very good, and like I said I'm pretty much still just a rookie. I've not done any baking yet except a couple pizzas.. I guess that's baking??

    Not really practiced enough to tell the taste difference in different charcoals. But I AM practiced enough to know I like these Kamados! 

    And glad I found your place here for the guidance and ideas!

  3. 3 hours ago, John Setzler said:


    I probably missed it in all the comments here, but what was your solution?  Which brand are you buying now?

    So I found this stuff at Walmart its called "Expert Grill" looks pretty cheesy but the sizes are good and it burns very well, at least for me, but remember I AM a rookie at all this so take that with a grain of salt. But maybe you could get a bag and test it out. You would be a better judge of things than I. 

    And at $15 for a 30 pound bag, the price is right!


  4. 24 minutes ago, John Setzler said:


    Can you imagine how much excellent charcoal would be reduced to rubble by everyone digging through all the bags and moving them around constantly trying to find the bag with the visibly largest pieces in it?  This idea seems counterproductive if large hunks of coal are what everyone is after.  


    Here's a possibly better train of thought for this....


    Get a couple 5 gallon buckets.  When you end up with lump that is smaller than your mind will allow you to use, dump it in that bucket.  Toss a couple handfuls of that rubble in on top of your regular charcoal each time you cook.  Every ounce of that 'rubble' still has the same BTU potential as an ounce that is included in a 2 pound chunk.  Don't let it go to waste.


    Or buy stuff with less “rubble”!

    at least one of those bags were from the top of a shrink wrapped pallet

  5. 37 minutes ago, mike echo said:

    I have not read about where the offending charcoal was bought and how much it was handled. (handling is probably what causes breakdown of lump).


    Anyone know what the lump looks like leaving the original bag up and ship point? Compared that to what is seen after purchase?


    Store return of what someone deems as unsatisfactory charcoal ever been done?


    The offending bags I bought I believe were bought at Lowes, but could have been Home Depot.. not positive sorry.

  6. 4 hours ago, John Setzler said:


    I am not a fan boy of any kind of charcoal.  I can cook with whatever is in front of me.  I'm also the only person on this site, short of @ckreef who has bothered to TEST charcoals with any amount of data collection and objectivity.  We aren't running around saying "mine burns longer or hotter" without some DATA to go along with the claim.  This was my only objective here.  I posted the DATA that I collected and let everyone else draw their own conclusions from it.  


    I see these charcoal debates almost daily in my social media surfing.  I typically just bypass them because NONE of them, or the participants, have ever done anything like this.  But that's all fine too.  I like to use what I LIKE and I encourage everyone else to do the same.  That being said... I'll pass along some other advice...


    You can't judge ANY brand of charcoal based on a few bags of experience with it.    And....


    If you use one brand of charcoal long enough, you will always find occasional bags you aren't happy with.  I have seen THAT with every brand you can imagine.  It stinks... it is too small... it sparks too much... It burns too fast... 


    And yes... I was PRODDING @A.O. If you interpreted our exchange as something rude, vicious, or otherwise unpleasant for some reason, please let me know..  I'm not sure why it comes off that way to you.  It was not intended to be that way.  One of my main objectives in life is to encourage just a few people to believe that your charcoal doesn't make or break your cook.  If I am successful with that in just a few instances, I will die happy.  

    I did not think anything of the like, was just a mere discussion. All I can go by is the two bags I have bought , both with the same poor results, you will excuse me if I dont go for three.

  7. 5 hours ago, Gebo said:

    In defense of AO, he was questioned and he was prodded.  What’s he supposed to do?  He simply answered the questions.  I betcha if the questions stop, he’ll stop. 

    Some people love certain brands of charcoal to the point of being fan boys. I am of my 2 brands.  Some people accept inferior products.  Some don’t.  

    Yes, I have moved on and had forgotten all about this till it was brought up again (not by me) . On my second bag of the cheesy looking Expert Grill Lump at Walmart and it works great!

  8. 20 minutes ago, John Setzler said:


    I'm curious... what kind of problem did that cause?


    Well lets see, you pay for a bag of LUMP charcoal and at least half the bag is bits and pieces and powder that is basically unusable.. seems like a problem to me, if you like it... you buy it, I will not again!

    Oh yeah, and the mess of sorting through it to find the few useable pieces.

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