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  1. Yeah, anything that has to do with Kamado's, guns, drones, motorcycles... Need I go on??
  2. Nice set of videos, my KJCI gets here tomorrow.
  3. As John said above you can get one at Lowes for $759 + tax, I know, I just bought mine there yesterday. And for half the price of a III there is not much difference, just the stand and the hinge I believe. And since they dont come with much you might want to save the $$ for accessories,
  4. Just ordered the basket, that one makes total sense! I blew my under $800 goal so for now I'm done buying stuff for it till I play with it for a while. See what "I" really need/want.
  5. I cant get cooking, it doesn’t get here till tomorrow .
  6. Cover is on the way, and I dont know about the rotisserie , maybe some day... but probably the basket
  7. I'm thinking heavily on the basket but BOY are they proud of it! Does your KJ not sit outside all the time? Mine does, and I already ordered the cover..
  8. So I was going back and forth between the Kamado Joe Classic I or a Vision Pro grill, even entertained the thought of the Kamado Joe Classic II but it seemed way to expensive and the only difference was the hinge, I figure I can lift the lid fine and can use the extra money to buy accessories. I think the Divide and Conquer won me over, seems more versatile to me. So.... What do you guys think I should get for it first? I'm thinking of course the cover , and then the charcoal basket, anything else I should look at right away? Any secret tips or pointers for me? Thanks.
  9. Well I opted for and just bought a Kamado Joe Classic I, they will deliver it Monday. I liked the option of the Divide and Conquer thing, and looks to be lots more accessories for the KJCI than for the Vision and I suppose a lot of them will work in either.
  10. The corrosion part could be a good point, and I just bought the Kamado Joes Classic I
  11. 24 is too big, there is only 2 of us 98% of the time. And those webers are only insulated like the Acorns, not a ceramic heat sink..
  12. You keep talking about the "woo". please explain...
  13. All I can go by is my experience with the Acorn I owned, and it was not such a great experience. Glad yours worked out for you.
  14. Here is more of a close up showing the big smoker and charcoal grill on the left that I'm hoping to replace with a Kamado!
  15. This is a drone shot of my back yard, you can see me sitting on the wall just out from the slide, piloting my drone.
  16. I see none of the pictures posted in this way, is there a trick to it?
  17. So as long as you guys are on the subject of wood/vines in your smokers... how much do you put in per cook? I have a big smoker (I'm hoping to retire) that uses wood like firewood in it.. nonstop adding wood to it. I do have access to lots of wood around here, also some huge grapevines out in the woods, never even thought of using those.
  18. You will need to have two for when the first one rusts out.. sometimes you get what you pay for. Which is why this time I'm going to spend the $$ and get a good one.
  19. Yeah, I had an acorn, the bottom section rusted out in 2 years, and yes, it always had a cover on, they replaced the bottom free but within a year it had rusted through again, so I parked it on the curb and never looked back. My experience with an Acorn was not stellar, and in my opinion was not a great cooker either.. did not retain heat well just being insulated and not ceramic.
  20. Yeah, no kidding!
  21. I have gone to pretty much all rechargeable batteries and thus dont have this problem, just go grab another set of charged up ones when needed
  22. My problem with it is there is no good way to secure it in the back of my truck and I live about 1/2 hour away and drive like a maniac! Also getting it off the truck when I get it home may be a problem if its assembled, in a box I can pick it up and move it with the forks on my tractor and set it right in my deck. ALSO, the one I did see that they assembled you could not get the ash tray out of the unit due to misalignment..
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