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  1. Interesting, I've never tried curing it that way, do you have a recipe or a link or something? It sure looks good!!
  2. I like it as well, drank a LOT of it in my youth too... The wife likes Miller which works as well Heck, WAY back when, I mostly drank Schlitz... I was young and didn't know any better!
  3. Yes, very nice indeed! PBR?? I haven't had one of those in years... nice!!
  4. Sounds a lot like growing potatoes! SO much easier to just buy a bag than go through the whole process!
  5. Yum, all turned out real well and a splendid dinner was had...
  6. We needed more than that so I made up some Cajun kisses... 2 with real bacon and two with that fake turkey bacon stuff for the wife, threw it on with about an hour left on the cook. You can see the potatoes here too.
  7. We got a package of bone in country style ribs so I figured yay, dinner!! Dolled them up in my normal easy "everything rub" salt, pepper, and garlic.. I'm figuring 5 hours.. With about 2 hours to go I addeda tray of potatoes/onions/green peppers to the cooker
  8. Any bacon I have made has just been bacon flavored, I like it that way. Most would be maybe heavy pepper.
  9. Sorry, apparently not that well..
  10. Yep that sounds right, thanks.. I rarely buy any peppers It depends on the peppers, some whole, some halved , reapers normally quartered due to their potency, easier to use that way..
  11. Cool, got one, didnt know the name, thanks But interesting, I dont think I've ever used it to hold my deflector plates
  12. Instead of the rendered fat, try a couple strips of bacon on top as you smoke/cook them... mmm mmm good!
  13. I thought Chipotles were from poblano peppers ... My jalapenos I can like someone else mentioned, the hot ones, Reapers, ghost, habaneros I just dehydrate , never tried smoking any. Good luck..
  14. Yeah, the problem with the RO it it is ALL little pieces!! All kinds have some little pieces, but thats the only thing I've found in the RO..
  15. Well it was fun for a while.. I'll stick with the cooking side of the forum..
  16. Sad state of affairs there!!
  17. Not sure I would want that in my compost
  18. Yeah, I'm really thinking RO has turned into a bust!
  19. Its kind of like the spiders here in South Carolina!
  20. Screened in porches are usually meant to keep out bugs... I DO NOT want to see those bugs there!!
  21. You say no nitrates, did you not cure this first?
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