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  1. Talk to me about those fries, baked fry shaped potatoes ...well not fried fries or something like that, anyway, they look great and I want to try them, YES with catchup, can you give some more details please?
  2. Ewww.. you must be a Canadian!
  3. So an update.. was running short on charcoal so the wife grabbed me another bag of the Walmart "Expert Grill" lump charcoal. I was scared that without groping the bag and checking it out first it would be disappointing like the RO charcoal. To my surprise its another bag looks like of good sized lumps, I opened it and had a look (see pics) and also groped the bag further down and it all seems good again. The first bag burned very well and had large chunks all the way to the bottom, I'm hoping this does as well, especially for a 30 pound bag priced at $14.99 US.
  4. I have zero good information, I just wanted to say those things are so cool looking!!
  5. It DOES NOT look perfect!!! It would have to be at MY house to look perfect!
  6. I finally sucked it up and tossed that bag of Royal Oak, I couldn't even keep it contained in my charcoal basket it was so small, write it off as a loss and a lesson!
  7. So I made a couple pizzas for lunch today, they turned out pretty good. about 625 for 8-10 minutes..
  8. Yeah, I just dumped that bag of RO in my burn pile, kept trying it but it was just too fine to use. I WILL grope my bags from now on!
  9. Yeah, I probably wont try another bag of the RO…
  10. Most of the RO falls through my charcoal basket it is so small.
  11. Yep, and welcome to our little corner of the world.
  12. I’m very happy with the Expert Grill lump I got at Walmart , the royal oak I got was worthless
  13. I like it, but man they are proud of it!
  14. And where the heck do you dispose of it?
  15. So what do you use for a drip pan? I'm tired of buying the foil ones all the time. I have a Kamado Joe... suggestions or ideas?
  16. On my first butt it took 5 1/2 hours also for a 10 pounder, came to find out my thermometer was off so I probably cooked it in that 330 degree area, and the butt was perfect!
  17. Not sure that will work
  18. There are a bunch out there of varying quality, just google "beer can chicken motorcycle stand" or something.. Amazon.com : baigald Portable Chicken Stand, Stainless Steel Beer American Style Motorcycle BBQ Grill with Glasses,Beer Can Chicken Grill Rack Oven Cooking Utensils Indoor Outdoor Use : Garden & Outdoor
  19. Interesting, I see nothing when I click on it I just see some message about it not being there… it’s home made tannerite , and we do it for the fun explosion not to kill thu stump…. Sometimes
  20. And? How did they turn out? I do turkeys all the time with a onion inside, thought I'd try on a chicken..
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