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  1. Interesting, I see nothing when I click on it I just see some message about it not being there… it’s home made tannerite , and we do it for the fun explosion not to kill thu stump…. Sometimes
  2. And? How did they turn out? I do turkeys all the time with a onion inside, thought I'd try on a chicken..
  3. So how do I delete the above post? nothing shows up!
  4. I think after all these many years of cooking on various grills, smokers and stuff I finally found the right one!!
  5. And you should be dang it , I just had to sit there and read all that stuff twice!!
  6. So I brined it for about 5 hours, rubbed it with olive oil, and then salt/pepper, and garlic cooked at about 400 for an hour and a half. Family said it was the best chicken they have ever had.
  7. Thanks, pretty hot here as well. That's what the pool is for.
  8. Ok, I'm trying real hard to understand this... You started off cooking your sister and brother in law??? Did they fit on the grill ok, and is that even legal???
  9. So I'm making a twist on the beer can chicken thing. My daughter got me this holder for a beer can and chicken for fathers day so I'm putting it to the test today, but instead of a beer can I've stuck an onion up the chickens rear. I'll let you know how it did in an hour or so. Running at about 400 with the heat deflectors in the slightly raised position.
  10. Ok, 10 pound Butt, right at 275 degrees for 9 ish hours, consensus is it was better than the first one! YAY!
  11. We pretty much live in our hot tub! and we do consume some adult beverages there sometimes.
  12. Well I have a hose, and a 50 amp hook up would be no big deal to set up! My brother and sisters come down every year about 4th of July to our "resort"!
  13. Wife on the chair, daughter on the bench.
  14. So not a random "pic" but a little video of my back yard.
  15. Put a Boston butt on this morning around 7, my second, hope it turns out as good as my first. Salt/pepper/garlic and a little brown sugar is my rub of the day.
  16. That would be steam, I wish it were a giant shrimp boil!! And just a short time after that pic we were in that hot tub enjoying the morning!
  17. Last time it turned out very well, I cooked it at a very low and slow temp, or well I thought so but turns out my thermometer was off so I cooked it at a higher temp than I thought. Found this out later when I did a brisket. So today I'm going to cook it at about 275 DT and see how it goes!
  18. I'm going to cook my second ever Boston Butt today, I have my daughter here, sister and brother in law are coming and they want food!
  19. So let me know if you are going to be close...
  20. Your ribs were done after cooking for only an hour at 200 degrees? Wow..
  21. Just be careful that's a federal offence!!
  22. Agreed, And if you look above at post 2 I did exactly that.. And I traded them out for some broken clay tile pieces before the cook because I was worried about exactly that.. the galvanized and food thing. But thanks.
  23. The doctor told me I'm getting older and might need a shower bar!!!
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