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  1. So for my spacers I did have some conduit mounting straps but I wasn't sure on the coating on them , galvanized or something, so I took those off and I had some clay sewer pipe pieces (new and unused) so I broke one up and will use those for my spacers.
  2. Now this will be my first from scratch pizza cook anytime, anywhere , using any cooking device!! Oh, wish me luck! My daughter and her husband had a pizza party a while back with their BGE and a gas BBQ range, too many people for just one cooking device, anyway, her crusts turned out real good so I got a recipe from her that she got from Bobby Flay so I thought I'd start there. First dough try was a disaster had to toss it as it was more like pancake batter, I know what I did wrong and fixed it and the second one is in the oven rising as I type. In the meantime I got my Kamado Joe ready to go, using some RO non-lump charcoal just to get rid of it I figure with a hot fast cook it should work. Had to track down some spacers to go between the heat deflectors and the pizza stone so I got some stuff to use out of the garage (what do you guys use for this?) gives me about a 1/2-3/4" space between the two well see how it does... I'll check back later as the cook moves along... Tips and/or pointers anyone?
  3. Back in my youth and camping days I maintained a sourdough starter for years, made the dry "cookies" to take camping to get the starter going again out in the wilds.. may have to look into it again... nothing better than sourdough flippers!
  4. Looks like I would need a gram scale...
  5. Ah ha! I didn’t realize we had a pizza section, thanks!!!
  6. So I'm looking to do my first pizza on the Kamado , I did a search here on "pizza" and found 19000 references.. anytime pizza stone came up it was listed, so I figured I'd narrow things down with searching "pizza dough".. anytime pizza or dough is in a post it shows up got 22000 + references on that.. so I'm simply going to ask here!! Looking for pizza dough recipies for doing on the kamado.. thin and crispy crust of course. And also temps to cook on and pointers how to get there, and any thing else you can tell me. I also did a search on "pizza 101" and got 19000 + references... please help this old guy out would you?
  7. I did it like that accidently due to a faulty dome thermometer..
  8. The only one (maybe) complaint I have with the hot quick cook was the bottom wat a little hard in a couple spots.. but not a big deal..
  9. Cant help with that, never tried roasting coffee , but it sounds like a fun project..
  10. Yep, lots of good stuff in the area down there, almost bought a place in Bastrop about 25 years ago.. ended up in Georgetown and then Lampasas..
  11. I have a daughter in the process of moving to Houston as we speak, the other lives in Austin.. I'm probably just a few years from maybe moving back to Texas, but no way Austin.. way too blue for me...
  12. A little late, but watch this.. and all his videos.. Ooops, already covered..
  13. Oh... some fine looking chicken there!!
  14. If I'm not slo cooking I tend to find myself using one deflector, uh oh, I have a Kamado Joe, not sure all Kamados have half and half defectors sorry.. Anyway, I tend to use only one side deflector, and use that side for veggies and the other side for meat, dogs, burgers,chicken or whatever
  15. Welcome from another new ish egg cooker, you will love it!
  16. I agree, but where are these options you speak of? Finding a 10 or 20 gallon metal can is not that easy I think, and a 55 gallon drum is pretty big.
  17. So if you are just wanting to burn with wood, ignore this post, if however you are wanting to make your own lump.. the wood needs to "burn" with the lack of oxygen so you will need some sort of metal container. Fill it with wood "lumps" and put just a small hole in the top and throw it in a fire, wait till the smoke quits coming out of the hole and then let it cool off. I have never actually done this but it is the same idea as making charcloth for starting a fire with flint and steel which I have done a bunch of. I was thinking a small galvanized garbage can but not sure about the galvanization and using it with food...
  18. That thing to the left of the grill extender is a Harley Beer can Chicken holder device!
  19. To all you Kamado'ers fathers out there!! I cleaned up with a bunch of accessories today.. new things to try out, and a fan to keep me cool!
  20. And his big brother, a new addition to my fleet!
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