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  1. To all you Kamado'ers fathers out there!! I cleaned up with a bunch of accessories today.. new things to try out, and a fan to keep me cool!
  2. And his big brother, a new addition to my fleet!
  3. So I was in TSC today and thier special of the week was firestarters for $2.99 so I bought a box. compared them with a box of the Kamado joe starters and I would say they were identical, just a different box!
  4. Cant just use a wire brush for decades and not expect it to degrade!
  5. So then what is in the Kamado Joe starters if not some sort of accelerant or lighter fluid type of thing?
  6. Ha! I know exactly what that smell is!
  7. I have been cutting mine in half as well.
  8. I tried some of the KJ fire starters but I think I’ll just go back to the propane torch.
  9. I just tried some, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and a little paprika yum
  10. I'm thinking I II & III are the same size?? and the sloroller would work on all....
  11. I probably would not put the potatoes on as early next time.
  12. Supposed to flip and baste about every 10 minutes, here is at the first flip.
  13. Ok, so chicken and potatoes are ready and on the grill, decided on 400 degrees
  14. I do not have the extender rack... yet... but fathers day is Sunday and its on my list. but not in time for todays cook...
  15. I may try one of the deflectors that way I can move it around if I think it needs it.
  16. Looks good, I will try that sometime, this time I want to try that "Cornell Chicken".
  17. So do you use the deflectors when cooking this chicken, or high rack over open coals?
  18. And what kind of seasoning do you use on those potatoes? I'm cooking a chicken this afternoon and think I will try those. Do you just lay those out or put them in foil or something?
  19. The ribs turned out good using this Expert Grill lump. The lump worked and burned nice...
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