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  1. I am a relatively new KJ owner and I had a warranty claim for one of the KJ accessories. KJ responded within 24 hours and did the right thing. Very happy with the after-market service and support.
  2. I made a rack of ribs on my KJ on Memorial Day and due to user error, I left them on a little too long. They came out OK, but a little on the dry side. Any suggestions on preparing them so I can hopefully infuse some moisture back into them? Thinking to wrap in foil and add something, but what.
  3. John, Thank you. In the pictures where you put a charcoal basket on top of the heat deflectors in the low position to elevate the heat source, what size is the charcoal basket - BJ, CJ, or JJr?
  4. I saw a video by James who tested fuel efficiency in Big Joe with charcoal in a full Joe Jr charcoal basket, and he said the coals burned for about 5 or 6 hours. I got about 5 hours doing this. Most of the time, I am cooking for 2 (but occasionally more, hence I got the Big Joe). But I am looking for tips/adjustments/mods for fuel-efficient cooking for daily small meals. Has anyone experimented with placing a Joe Jr Firebox inside the Big Joe to raise up and concentrate the heat source for a small daily cook? I could add more coals and just close vents when done, but I am resea
  5. New to the forum, and new to Kamados. Previously grilled on a Santa Maria grill, which is great for direct flame grilling, but doesn't BBQ / smoke. Just got a KJ BJ 3 for the BBQ / smoking, and it was delivered last Friday. YAY! Looking forward to learning and grilling.
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