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  1. I am smoking a 6 lb whole duck on my Joetisserie today. How long would you estimate cook time at 350? The duck will be thawed and brined for 18 hours at cook time this afternoon. Advice please. Thanks!
  2. I have a Kamado and a wood burning Santa Maria grill. In the Santa Maria, I burn wood all the time (and a lot more volume than I would put in my kamado), but I have to let it burn down until it is charred on the outside (black and ashy white) - if not, I will get a nasty creosote smoky flavor that is not tasty. It takes actually longer to prep my Santa Maria than my Kamado for this reason, unless I am doing a pure charcoal cook. In a Kamado you can't really burn down your chunks, they are just placed fresh among your charcoal and you have to rely on neighboring hot coals to cook off the creosote smoke, which happens above 300 or 350 degrees. So in any case can't put too much kiln wood in your kamado.
  3. I am also interested to know members' thoughts on this. In Northeast PA, we have pretty cold winters too. Maybe not as cold as our northern neighbors. But still concerned.
  4. The Kamado Joe X-accessory, which fits on the Divide & Conquer system, which you normally use for deflector plates. The Lodge 5 QT Dutch oven fits snugly in the ring. Very handy for slow cooking soups, sauces, and consommé over coals on a Kamado.
  5. This was my attempt to reimagine Tacos Dorados de Birria on a Kamado. I slow cooked beef short ribs (with a mix of salt, pepper, paprika, and celery seeds over a binder of mustard) at 275 until probe tender. In the meanwhile, I made a consommé with beef stock, yellow onion, fresh garlic, chipotle peppers and adobo sauce, and fresh cilantro. I blended the mixture and placed in a 5 qt dutch oven. After smoking the beef short ribs, I slow cooked them in the consommé, also on my Kamado. I put my dutch oven on my spider accessory over direct coals (middle rack of divide and conquer). The temp was about 300 but I cooled it down to about 250 after a few hours. It was too spicy, so I poured in a can of coconut milk, which tamed the dragon. Sorry I do not have pictures of the process, but as you can see, the slow cook did not ruin the smoke ring.
  6. I've often referred to smoked beef ribs as "meat candy" to my wife, and was just wondering what was contributing to the sweet flavor (since I only use salt and pepper). Sounds like it is the rendered fat + salt, not the smoke. Thank you for the insight.
  7. I have smoked beef ribs on my KJ a few times using mustard (binder), salt, pepper, celery seed, and paprika. I used a few chunks of mesquite wood for flavor. I've noticed a sweet flavor profile (it's very good), and I'm wondering if it is coming from the rendered beef fat or the mesquite wood smoke or both? Would a different wood such as Oak, Cherry, or Apple also have a sweet flavor profile, or is it just mesquite? Any thoughts.
  8. I am a relatively new KJ owner. I have had to make two warranty claims for accessories that were damaged out of the box. I received responses within 24 hours and both claims were resolved satisfactorily. So far my experience with KJ customer service has been excellent. Just my personal experience and opinion.
  9. Father's Day beef ribs. KJBJ3. 7 hour cook.
  10. I am a relatively new KJ owner and I had a warranty claim for one of the KJ accessories. KJ responded within 24 hours and did the right thing. Very happy with the after-market service and support.
  11. I made a rack of ribs on my KJ on Memorial Day and due to user error, I left them on a little too long. They came out OK, but a little on the dry side. Any suggestions on preparing them so I can hopefully infuse some moisture back into them? Thinking to wrap in foil and add something, but what.
  12. John, Thank you. In the pictures where you put a charcoal basket on top of the heat deflectors in the low position to elevate the heat source, what size is the charcoal basket - BJ, CJ, or JJr?
  13. I saw a video by James who tested fuel efficiency in Big Joe with charcoal in a full Joe Jr charcoal basket, and he said the coals burned for about 5 or 6 hours. I got about 5 hours doing this. Most of the time, I am cooking for 2 (but occasionally more, hence I got the Big Joe). But I am looking for tips/adjustments/mods for fuel-efficient cooking for daily small meals. Has anyone experimented with placing a Joe Jr Firebox inside the Big Joe to raise up and concentrate the heat source for a small daily cook? I could add more coals and just close vents when done, but I am researching tips/mods involving changing the size or distance of the heat source to food.
  14. New to the forum, and new to Kamados. Previously grilled on a Santa Maria grill, which is great for direct flame grilling, but doesn't BBQ / smoke. Just got a KJ BJ 3 for the BBQ / smoking, and it was delivered last Friday. YAY! Looking forward to learning and grilling.
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