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  1. Just curious, what is the effect of doing the foil in the beginning? Does that elevate the temp on the pork, or slow it down?
  2. I recently took delivery of a Classic II from Atlanta Grill Company, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it came with metal shelves, instead of the plastic ones that it normally comes with. I thought that was an exclusive feature of the Classic III, as it was one of their advertising points. Anyone know if this is standard now, or was it just a fortunate fluke?
  3. The Classic II is definitely worth considering. It has built-in improvements, that cannot be added later, including the air-lift hinge, and an oven quality gasket with a lifetime guarantee, and a built-in rain cap for the upper vent, so that you can cook in the rain if desired. For all practical purposes, a Classic II can be turned into a Classic III with the purchase of several accessories. The same cannot be said of the Classic I.
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