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  1. We definitely go through a lot of eggs in a household 7! My only concern is with gradual residue if any. The amount of crisco is very minimal and I’m only adding 2 at a time
  2. Hello everyone, I just received my Kamado over the weekend and first cook was a success, specially with the wife that was not a fan of the price tag . With the grill I purchased a bag of Big block charcoal but I did not get any starters. I have been using egg carton dipped in crisco with my Webber for a while now and always works like a charm. Just wondering if anyone else has used this method and if this is something that would be recommended.
  3. It came out nice and tender used some cherry wood and big block charcoal- I quickly realized that having a probe in the meat is a must since I kept opening the lid to check the temp in order to wrap it once it got to 165. I ordered the Inkbird IBT-6X wireless bbq thermometer, seems like good bang for your buck
  4. so simple and genius! I will give this a try
  5. Hey there! New Kamado owner aswell, fired it up for the first time on the weekend (8 hour pork shoulder ), I had the same reaction to the daisy wheel however when you start your cook it will create more resistance making much stiffer
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