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  1. Hey guys, I just got a Joetisserie / Napoleon basket and did a batch of wings...good lord, those are good. My only problem is that I use a temp controller and the only way I could use the pit probe today was dangling through the top hole. This worked but it wasn't very repeatable or exact (since I couldn't really see where it was dangling or if it was touching sides, etc). How do you guys approach this issue? I've heard of brackets or hanging it off the inside temp probe but how are you doing that? Is there some special mount that I need? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
  2. I bought it before going on a lake trip last weekend from the store (yes it was 119 there) and it seems great. Pretty much identical to the $400 Yeti. My only problems with it is that its on the heavy side and the latches take a little work but that probably gets better as you use it. Overall, if you were ever looking for a Yeti to try, this is it at the right pricepoint.
  3. I just used this method today when I went back and tried the pork butt again, worked great. Pork butt came out much better this time without all the stainless steel sprinkles.
  4. @GrillnBrew Does the standard grill floss model fit the Kamado Joe's grate size pretty well? That was my biggest concern with those metal scrapers.
  5. Maybe I'll have to go with cleaning down with something afterwards. I really don't understand how everyone uses these with no problems - it wasn't like there was a loose bristle or two, my drip pan was just full of those things and every single one could have been chance for a trip to the ER. Still super gun-shy about trying those again.
  6. I got to use it for the first time yesterday: 10+ hours @ 250F and I used a max fan speed of 25%. Near perfect except for the lid opening every 30 min to spray. I've seen John suggest 20% and a few other guys say 30%, so I shot right down the middle for a pretty decent result. I had the top vent set at halfway between 1 and 2 and the fan honestly didn't have to do much. Side note, I found wire brush bristles in my pulled pork and had to trash the whole batch for safety reasons so if you have any suggestions on what you're using to clean your grates, that would be extremely appreciated - I know there are a lot of alternatives, but they don't all work super well.
  7. Hey guys, I just got done with my first big low and slow cook yesterday. Pork butt cooked perfectly for 10+ hours only to find (literally) hundreds of wire brush bristles sitting in my drip pan when I went to clean everything out. Obviously, this can be a health concern and I even found 2 stuck to the bottom of the grate when I started double checking so the whole batch had to go straight into the trash...completely gut wrenching (but hopefully not literally, we did eat 2 sandwiches before we saw this). What are you guys using to clean your grates? These bristle brushes have me freaked out now but there is a lot of skepticism around the effectiveness of some of the alternatives. At this point, I just need to know what works well on the KJ so everyone stays safe and no more hard work has to go in the garbage. Thanks in advance!
  8. Way ahead of you lol, just came in last night so we'll be trying it out today. If you have any tips on use with a KJ, let me know. I see that John and others suggest tuning the max fan setting down a bit - anything else that's been helpful?
  9. I called up FireBoard and they told me the only time of year anything goes on sale is Black Friday and likely that would be to clear out their old unit (guessing the FB1). So for anyone else looking to get one - buy with confidence, the price probably won't be dropping right after you click "buy".
  10. Hey Len! Glad to see another Buckeye here. If I see smoke signals going up, I'll assume it might be you lol.
  11. Hey guys, I just joined the Backyard BBQ Gang this month with my first ever kamado grill - KJ Classic II. I've had a gas grill for years but it just sits there because, to be honest, I've not been able to do anything exciting with it. Despite some amazing meals I've had at friends' houses off of kamado grills, I've always held off because it seemed a little too daunting for me to take on but I have to give a huge shout-out to @John Setzler and @Smokingdadbbq for all the great content they have put out there for the community. It finally convinced me that I can do this and I've already knocked 4 solid meals out of the park with their advice - can't believe it took me this long to start grilling like this. Looking forward to joining the community and sharing this awesome hobby with you all!
  12. Hey guys, I'm still pretty new to this whole scene so I haven't had a long term eye out for this yet - but do you ever see FireBoard (or any of their retailers like Atlanta Grill Co) do sales? A basic internet search comes up pretty empty but I don't want to feel stupid for buying one now if they regularly go on sale for Memorial Day/July 4th etc. Thanks so much!
  13. Has anybody on here had experience with this charcoal? I picked up 2 bags because it was too good a deal to pass on but I've not had any previous occasion to try it out.
  14. @John Setzler, I see that you recommend the iKamand in your post as the daily "go-to" controller but it looks like the Fireboard 2 has come out since the article and you seemed to like that quite a bit from the video demo and review that you made. The app certainly seems to have some cool features/functionality that the iKamand doesn't. At this point do you still recommend using the iKAMAND more or did the new FireBoard 2 make it to the top of the stack? Was considering the FB2 Drive model for my new Classic II.
  15. Same for me, just got a Classic II from BBQGuys last week and it had the metal shelves. When I saw it, I thought they had accidently sent me a series 3 by accident lol. No such luck....
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