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  1. We grilled chicken on Sat and pizza on Sunday and today is Baked Beans and Brats. I have never done a pot of baked beans on a grill before but I am sure the KJ Jr is up for it.
  2. We tried the pizza tonight on a 10.25 inch Uni-Stone. Just a sausage/mushroom. Not too bad for the first time. It did stick pretty good to the stone.
  3. We recently purchased a Jr and today was our 4th session with it. Chicken quarters with an old family recipe baste! It has been a worthwhile learning curve on starting,reaching and maintaining temps. Have learned something new each time out and really love this style of cooking. I have some starter cubes but just the propane torch works pretty effectively. The Jr is the perfect size for the two of us. Will try a pizza in a day or two. jeff
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