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  1. This is where it got too hot. Time to cool it down right? A little lazy prep. It's only family. I figured we don't need it to be St. Louis Style. Holding steady here. I wish it were cooler, but I'll take what I can get. It's wrap time here. Resting here. I am a dry-rub person...My wife will put more of the Stubb's sauce on it.
  2. I think I'm going to follow your advice and get (2) half round kiln shelves, made of cordierite since it seems bakers use this material for their breads. I'll wrap them in foil before use to keep the fats off of it. A big question I have is should I "peel" off some of the layer that's on the inside? I feel like it helps the insulation, but some of it seems to fall of easily and it feels like the charcoal bowl doesn't sit right even though I know it's not going anywhere. I'm not asking if I should go in there with a sand blaster, but would a manual scraping with those cheap plastic Home Depot putty knives do real damage? Mr. Bix had it since at least 2007 so I'd rather not mess up any seasoning he'd done before as if it were "Grandma's cast iron pan". I'm smoking some pork ribs for Memorial Day, in memory of family and friends, so I'll post some pictures of how it goes in case anyone is interested, and also I figured out how to make my pictures upright. It'll be a simple 2-part coarse black pepper and 1-part kosher salt dry-rub with a touch of Stubb's Original BBQ sauce just to help the smoke stick.
  3. Here are some more pictures of my setup. The top picture I believe is the right way to install the charcoal bowl with the optional propane starter. Let me know if I'm wrong again. I had the basket and the bowl backwards the first time I used it. I have a lower rack, but I'm ordering a pizza stone here shortly. I did notice a small crack on the near the right hand side of the bottom damper and it leads up the grout lines. Is this just superficial? I can't exactly see the inside wall and I'm not sure if I can scrape that stuff off.
  4. and nope...the pictures are upside down again.........why?
  5. Holy crap I got a response, thank you! I've read some of the controversy of this Robert Johnson and though I don't like how things were/are handled on that end, I still have this kamado and want to cook basically everything on it. I have attached pictures (hopefully upright this time) of a couple of accessories that I could use advice on. The round ceramic device I believe is a heat diffuser for direct heat in the center of the grill and indirect heat for the outside of the grate. Is this correct? Can I get something similar to have the direct heat pushed to the outside (hopefully increasing dome temp for pizza??)? The stainless steel grate/arch accessory I'm assuming is for hanging things for different temp zones... I have a couple of grates that have a set screw that obviously hangs from the hook and would love some ideas.
  6. Does anyone else have one of these kamados? I believe mine is a hand made version from 2007 or earlier. I inherited it after the owner, a family friend, passed, but left a LOT of accessories to use. I can't find any real help without running into Kamado Joe or Green Egg and those accessories don't match what I have. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a picture of it, but I can't find a way for the picture to be upright even though I rotated it many times.
  7. I've recently inherited what I believe is an original Kamado.com grill from a close family friend after her husband passed. He had this grill since at least in 2007 and its still in good shape. My problem is that I believe this was a custom hand built setup and it came with a ship ton of accessories that I don't know how to use. I've tried googling, but they only bring me to Kamado Joe, Komodo Kamado, or The Green Egg websites and my setup doesn't look like that. If I were to post pictures of what I have, could I get some help? I'm not a rookie when it comes to smoking on an off-set smoker or cooking on a propane grill, but the potential of what this grill can do has me intrigued. Is there anyone else that has one of the "kamado.com" grills that can help me? The original owner of this grill is currently unavailable for questions.
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