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  1. Went from KJ classic III to the Weber Kamado about a week ago. KJ classic can't even fit 2 racks of baby backs without cutting them I half. MUCH better grilling options on the Weber. Low n slow about the same. Much prefer the WSk over KJ. Go big. Wish I did 1st.
  2. Have a FB 500 I also use for my WSM and KJ. Needed to buy $55 worth of BBQ Guru and FB adapters to make work for the E6. Just ordered them today. NOt a fan of having to purchase more stuff to make work, but I am a big fan of the FB 500.
  3. I just emailed the seller asking if he plans to offer for the E6.
  4. That would be a BIG FU from me. I would even reiterate it more than once!
  5. Love the Napoleon (altho have some quality issues lately), but I have turned out some realllllly good food on the Napoleon. GREAT Pizza, rotisserie wings, pork shoulder,etc. That rotisserie burner and a smoke box open up lots of possibilities! I admit, since I received the Joe a few weeks ago, my WSM and Napoleon have been a bit lonely. Been using the heck out of the Joe!
  6. New Joe owner (Classic III). Had a small rust spot on one or 2 of the grates right out of box and a heat deflector broke 2nd or 3rd week. Opened claim on website and within a week I have 2 new deflectors and a new half moon grate. I know people have been concerned about CS lately, but they came thru for me seamlessly and quickly. Have been enjoying my new Joe at least 5 days per week (and also have a Napoleon Pro 500 and a WSM 22).
  7. Just received my KJ Classic III thisweek (also have a Weber Smokey mountain 22, so familiar with lump). Sitting on about 50lbs of B&B Oak lump, but wanted to try something special for the new KJ. Went to Lowes to pick up a bag of KJ BB. Felt the bags they had and super unimpressed. Felt like small pieces and lots of chips. Several bags. Luckily, a feed store a mile up the road carries jealous Devil (and 39.99 for 35lber), so picked up a bag for my 1st real cook (pork Belly Bacon). I must say, the Jealous Devil bag is great. Nice size, mostly uniform chunks of dense wood. My Current B&B batches have been pretty good too. RO was eh. Believe it or not, a bag of Frontier from BJ's was awesome. Big to medium pieces mostly. LOTS of sparks, but other than that it was good. Very disappointed in what I found with KJ Big Block. Looks like I will stick with B&B on sale from Ace and JD from my local store.
  8. I actually wound up ordering it from there. I originally ordered the classic III from BBQGuys, but they have a 6-8 week lead time. I found out about Atlantagrill on here and have the III being delivered Wednesday. Canceled other order. For 170 bucks, can't complain too much for the jotisserie from the them.
  9. HI all. Just ordered a Classic 3 (now the 2 month wait begins Was wondering if anyone made a rotisserie ring for it. I already have a couple motors and spits, so don't need the full jotisserie. Thanks.
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