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  1. If I’m understanding your post, you should be fine now that you’ve calibrated your KJ thermometer. I haven’t had to do anything with mine yet, as reads the same as my digital, but from what I’ve read, it’s a good idea to test and recalibrate the KJ thermometer using the boiling water method every year.
  2. I hear you! My greatest challenge with brisket is timing. I still haven’t cooked one on my KJ, but am starting to plan a pool party and brisket will be on the menu! While I’ve never changed the way I serve brisket, I do try to vary the sides from time to time. My wife once made a spicy Brazilian tomato slaw that was really good with brisket. Definitely different from the traditional baked beans or mac and cheese. Caprese salad works, too, especially with a good balsamic glaze. I’ve also served a diced grilled drunken pineapple and jalapeño mix, which was more of a topping than a side dish, but it was a hit. Glazed dill carrots… you get the picture.
  3. I agree, but they are fun to cook! I like the bone as a handle, which makes a natural fit for a reverse sear, with fire on one side and 1/2 deflector plate on the other. Your gasser put a really nice sear on those steaks.
  4. I was disappointed in my recent purchase of Royal Oak, as the charcoal pieces were really small. Rather than toss it, I decided to mix it in with some Jealous Devil, which would hopefully prevent the RO from falling through the charcoal basket. Take a look at how the fire burned on a 10 hour cook. Almost looks like only the RO burned with most of the JD still fully intact. The good news is that it lasted 10 hours at 240°, but I thought the way it burned was weird. Maybe it won’t be as easy to mix them as I thought.
  5. It worked! I used flour this time and thighs had a nice crispy skin. I also left the control tower top wide open instead of just having the vent open. Bottom vent was also wide open. Took about 45 minutes to cook around a dozen thighs. Thanks for the tip, John!
  6. No worries - I knew it was a long shot. I raised cooking temp by 10° and powered through, although I wrapped for the last 30 minutes because I thought they would never finish. Cooked for just over 10 hours and meat temp just got to 200°, but they probed so tender, I pulled them and then rested in the cooler for another 30 minutes, which probably got them up to at least 205°. They turned out fantastic!
  7. Exactly my thoughts. I just use the deflector plates for indirect cooks over 350°.
  8. Cooking beef chuck ribs - dino bones. Never cooked them on the KJ before. It’s almost 3:30 and we have dinner guests arriving at 6, with dinner expected by 7 at the latest. Started cook at 8am, but hit the stall about 2 hours ago. Current meat temp is 177°, having risen only 2° in the past 2 hours. Should I wrap in butcher paper or hope to power through? Grate temp is 225°, dome temp is 240°. Thanks for any help!
  9. Better be careful. You’re flirting with Mr. Whipple territory.
  10. I’m going to give it a try. I’m mixing it with the Jealous Devil that I got. I’ve found that I get a cleaner burn from the large chunks, but I’m not going to toss the RO.
  11. I’m still new to kamado cooking, having purchased my Classic 3 a couple of months ago. I absolutely love it and wish I had bought one sooner, but better late than never. I cook primarily for my wife and me, but also for guests from time to time. So far, my only issue with space was when cooking baby backs. Just getting 3 racks on was a challenge. See pic below. I could have trimmed the small ends and they would have fit better. I’ll be getting a rib rack which will hopefully let me get at least 4 racks on. I can cook 8 at a time in my Pit Barrel. Haven’t cooked a brisket yet and suspect I might need the rib rack to help fit a full packer on, although I’ve cooked many on a Kettle with SnS, which cuts the grate real estate in half. I’ve only cooked 1 pork butt, but could have easily gotten 2 on, and maybe 3. The rib cook had me wishing I had bought the Big Joe 3, but that would have introduced other issues when only cooking for 2. I still have my stick burner, PBC and Kettle, along with the gasser if I need to have multiple cooks going at the same time. Since you already have the Joe Jr., Big Joe might be the way to go, especially if you have a need for several racks of ribs at once.
  12. I spent quite a bit of time on YouTube before my KJ was delivered, so I already had an idea of what it takes to determine the right amount of coals for a cook, get the fire started, get dome up to temp and hold steady. Check out this video - maybe more detailed than you need, but I found several helpful tips in it. And I use the reverse sear method for steaks, so I can relate to your desire to stabilize the temp! The sear part is a blast on the KJ, with temps in the 900° range! (I actually don’t know the temp since I have the dome open, but 900° sounds cool.)
  13. I tried the max airflow technique on some thighs, but no success. Cooking temp was 450° for about 45 minutes, top and bottom vents wide open, indirect with the sloroller. I did not use flour - I’ll try that with wings. I don’t use flour when cooking chicken on my Kettle with the SnS and I wanted to see if the KJ could produce similar results. I knew that I was going to sauce them and serve as BBQ chicken, so it wasn’t a big deal that the skin wasn’t crispy. I just wanted to see if I could get crispy chicken skin. Thighs still tasted great!
  14. Yeah - I hope I wasn’t too quick to judge just based on the broken bits vs lump. My one cook today probably isn’t enough to draw a conclusion. I was trying the small fire, fully open vent method to try and get crispy skin on chicken thighs. With the vents fully open, temp maxed out at 450° and the fire only burned for a couple of hours, but really not a good test.
  15. Bought some Royal Oak for the first time and all I can say is “back to the Jealous Devil!” Very disappointing.
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