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  1. Nice spin! Like you, I don’t use my Joetisserie very often - not nearly as much as I thought I would. Spinning a ham seems like a good excuse to break it out - easy “cook” that would be hard to screw up, but a chance to add some great flavor. Nice job!
  2. I paid $3/lb for pork shoulder this weekend. While that’s not terrible, I paid $1/lb last year. It’s probably my favorite part of the pig - super flavorful and ultra versatile. I’m making enchiladas with the leftovers from today’s cook.
  3. I left a thin fat cap and was able to get the butts off the grill with a spatula, preserving a nice, thin crisp layer. I’ll dice it up and mix it in to add some crunch. I like the apple juice idea. I save a little of my apple cider vinegar mop sauce and pour it over the meat once pulled.
  4. I trimmed most of the fat cap off, along with the membrane in between the muscles. I left enough fat cap on that will hopefully end up as cracklins that I can mix into the pulled pork for some extra bark - fat cap down!
  5. I dry brined overnight and seasoned today - all in prep for a 5 am wake up. KJ charcoal basket is full and fire starter is already in position. All I need to do is light the fire, put the SloRoller in and put the butts on. I used Cholula Sweet Habanero as a binder and decided on R Butts R Smokin Cherry Habanero as the rub. It’s wonderful stuff and once I near the bottom of the shaker, I’ll try to replicate it on my own. Can’t wait to get going tomorrow! Beautiful color from the dry brine: Seasoned up and ready to go:
  6. I’ve never smoked a chuck roast before, but lots of briskets. Assuming they’re similar, I’d go with the brisket method of low and slow - cooking temp of 225°-250° until internal temp is around 205°. For brisket, in addition to monitoring internal temp, I really rely on probe tenderness. Your probe should slide easily in and out - like going into a jar of peanut butter. I would imagine that the same concern applies to chuck, but others who have actually smoked one may offer better advice.
  7. I know the feeling. That’s what I’ll be dealing with tomorrow. I’ll get up early. I have 2 6.5 lb butts, so I’m going to give myself at least 10 hours. Shouldn’t take that long, but if they get a little extra rest in the cooler, no harm done. That’ll be better than everyone showing up and I’m cranking up the fire to try and get them finished. Good luck with your cook!
  8. Thanks for the replies. I have a great thermometer (Thermoworks Smoke), as well as a cheaper one that seems to work just as well. Was mainly looking for feedback on the time difference between one butt vs. two. I have the KJ expansion grate and will use the SloRoller. If I place both butts on the main grate, they’ll probably take up almost the entire space. Any thoughts on using the expansion grate, assuming it will fit over one of the butts on the main grate? I’m probably overthinking it, but wondering about restricting airflow if only using the main grate. I’ve obviously never cooked 2 butts at the same time on the KJ. Thanks again! Edit: Oops - never mind. I just realized that since I mop my butts with a vinegar-based mop, I won’t be using the expansion grate.
  9. So what I thought was a large butt was actually 2 small butts crammed into 1 cryovac. I hope that works in my favor from a cook time perspective. Does anyone have any thoughts on cook time for 2 butts? Not the cook time specifically, but should I expect to cook twice as long, same as a single butt, or something in between? I’m trying to determine my start time and I’d like to avoid a 3am alarm on 7/4. TIA!
  10. I picked up a butt yesterday - 13.5 pounder. We’re having a large group on the 4th, and I don’t want to run out of food. I took a look at it this morning and it looks like it could be 2 butts. It’s still in the cryovac packaging and appears to be 1 large cut, but it has 2 blade bones. I’ve circled the 2 bones in the picture below. Not completely understanding the anatomy of a pig, can this be a single piece of meat, or is it 2 butts crammed into 1 package? If it is a single piece, would there be a benefit to cutting it in half for cooking? I’m concerned about the cooking time. If I cut it into 2 pieces, would that speed up the cook?
  11. “Impossible” was probably the wrong choice of words. Commercial rubs with salt make dry brining more difficult, at least for me, because you have no idea how much salt they contain. I’ll go with homemade rubs any day of the week over a commercial rub. In addition to controlling salt, you skip all of unnecessary preservatives (chemicals). Having said that, I still have a pantry full of commercial rubs, mostly from recipes that have called for them. Once I figure out the taste and look at the ingredients list, I can usually get pretty close to replicating them from the spice drawer. @Gebo I’m also cooking a butt for the 4th. Hoping for an easy cook that is ready by the time guests arrive!
  12. I try to follow Meathead’s method whenever I’m not using a commercial rub, which is often. It’s the primary reason I like to make my own rubs. The first ingredient in almost all commercial rubs is salt, which makes dry brining difficult, if not impossible. BTW, the Memphis Dust rub recipe is the best pork rub I’ve ever had. I add jalapeño powder to kick the heat up a bit.
  13. If you need space for 3+ butts or 4-5 racks of ribs, I’d recommend the BJ. I have a Classic 3 and even with the expansion grate, I doubt I could get that much on it. I’ve cooked 3 racks of baby backs (no rib rack) with the expansion grate and at best, could have squeezed 1 more on. I’ve only cooked 1 butt at a time, but don’t think I could get more than 2 on - maybe 3 with the expansion rack if there’s enough room under the expansion.
  14. My warranty claim was super easy, but was just for the gaskets, as my KJ arrived with a slight tear in each one. I just filled out the online form in the Contact Us section of the KJ website. It asked for date and place of purchase, but didn’t require proof of purchase. Maybe they validated with the place of purchase? Plus, I filed my claim the same day my KJ was delivered, so that might have had something to do with it.
  15. Do I believe that the SloRoller provides more even heat distribution than deflector plates? Yes. Does it make a difference in results? Not that I can tell. Would I pay extra for it? No.
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