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  1. I’ve fallen into the trap of buying rubs when following a recipe, and have a pantry full of them, but then I’ll try to recreate the rub on my own. It’s not too hard and by making it myself, I can control the salt, which is one of the challenges of using commercial rubs when brining. Salt is almost always the first ingredient of commercial rubs. If you brine, either wet or dry, you can end up with too much salt after adding a commercial rub. One of the best rub recipes around is Meathead’s Memphis Dust https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/spice-rubs-and-pastes/meatheads-memphis-dust-rub-recipe/ It’s primary use is ribs, but I use it on lots of stuff. It’s a great base to experiment with. I add jalapeño powder to kick the heat up a notch. Takes all of 5 minutes to mix up a batch and price is a fraction of the cost of a commercial rub. And you don’t have garbage like chemical preservatives.
  2. Excellent looking dish!
  3. Yes, we’ve enjoyed Mama’s on a number of occasions, and we love it, too, but not eating there this trip. We’re going to the Lahaina Grill for our blowout dinner Friday night. Never been there but it has rave reviews so we’re looking forward to it!
  4. Enjoying a week in Maui with the family, so I had to find a fish market with a fresh catch. They had fresh Ono caught that day, so I found some seasoning and grilled them up on a gasser by the pool. Only 2 burners worked, but they got the job done. Made great fish tacos!
  5. We had a space built for the KJ and no longer need the cart. It’s only a year old and in perfect condition. Yours for the taking if you can pick it up.
  6. The recipe actually called for Old Bay, but I was out. Celery salt and paprika combo was my attempt at making my own. It was ok, but not Old Bay!
  7. I tried recalling an old salmon recipe and think I got pretty close. If not, this one turned out great! Seasoned up the skin-on salmon, seared it on both sides in a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on your perspective) portion of butter. Once the salmon was cooked, I removed it and added honey, paprika and celery salt to the remaining butter to make a glaze. The skillet was too hot and burned some of the honey, but I salvaged enough for a good glaze. Tasted great!
  8. I’ve thought about doing the same thing with my Smoke, just so I’ll be able to keep track of cooking temp when away from the grill area. I guess I’ve gotten spoiled by my KJ, as once I get the temp stabilized, it rarely moves more than 10°. I usually don’t even bother with the grate probe any longer, unless I have a 10+ hour cook.
  9. As far as your Kettle goes, check out the Kettle Club. Lots of restoration ideas on that site. http://weberkettleclub.com/ I still love my Kettle, but it rarely sees smoke these days.
  10. Looks like a nice pizza oven. I’ve heard positive comments on the Ooni oven. I don’t cook enough pizza to have a cooker dedicated to that specific task, but I do have a pizza oven that sits on top of my Kettle and it works great. Same basic concept, except the fire sits a little below the pizza stone in mine vs at the same level in a dedication pizza oven. The key seems to be ensuring that the heat is trapped near the top of the pizza so that the toppings cook as quickly as the dough.
  11. Interestingly, I’ve yet to get a bad bag of JD, and I order it from Amazon, so I imagine it sees the worst handling possible (although it arrives in a box.) I get the version that comes in the plastic bag. I don’t see how that could help, but so far, so good.
  12. My Joetisserie opinion is much like Boater’s above, although I use mine even less, maybe 2-3 times per year. Like Boater says, chicken can be done via other methods that are much easier. My favorite Joetisserie cook is dizzy pineapple of all things.
  13. I’m about halfway through a bag of KJ big block. It’s pretty good, especially for the price when on sale. I’ve been using mostly JD, but it’s SO expensive. Tried a bag of RO and it was a total failure. Felt like I needed a mask due to the dust every time I opened the bag.
  14. I like this topic, as I tend to skip briskets because even a small one feeds a lot of people. More often than not, I’m cooking for 2-4, but would love to see if there’s a way to portion the brisket beyond separating the point and flat.
  15. Are those Bubble Boy ribs? Regardless, they look tasty!
  16. And the ads don’t bother me in the least. They’re well-placed and I’ve even clicked through a few.
  17. Boo! Very sorry to hear that, John. I only found this site a year ago, shortly after getting my KJ. There’s no way I’d be enjoying it so much had I not found the gurus! Regardless of what you do with the site, know that you’ve helped me and many others, I’m sure.
  18. Well done @A.O.! My Kettle has a half-circle ring on 1 side than holds the lid pretty well. Even though I don’t use mine very often any longer, I just can’t see myself ever getting rid of it. I’ve had some great cooks and some horrible cooks on that thing. My best brisket ever was cooked on the Kettle with the SnS and the cook that prompted my KJ purchase was a horribly dry Thanksgiving turkey that was quickly transformed into turkey salad. Of course, I took credit for the brisket and blamed the Kettle for the turkey.
  19. Right on, John! Beef shank osso buco is something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks for the inspiration! Love the grits recipe, too, especially the 50% stock recommendation.
  20. Looks fantastic and probably tasted even better! I, too, have become less and less enamored with restaurants. Yes, I enjoy being served, and especially avoiding cleanup duty, but the food never seems to be on par with what we can do on our own at a fraction of the cost. I’d rather spend the money on high-quality, fresh food, prepare it exactly how we like it, and embrace the entire process. Keep the seafood cooks coming!
  21. All of these steak posts got my mouth watering. Local grocer had prime filets “on sale” for $25/lb, so we had some friends over on a gorgeous 75° day. Did the typical 250° cook on the KJ with the SloRoller until internal hit 125°, while slow sipping a tasty Tito’s martini with jalapeño-stuffed olives. (Everyday is Friday for us retirees!) Not the healthiest dinner we’ve served, as our sides were mashed Yukon potatoes and mac and cheese. But it sure tasted good! After about 45 minutes on the KJ Quick sear Hard to tell from the lighting, but cooked perfectly!
  22. Excellent cook! Turned a piece of what many might have ground up for burgers into a wonderful meal! I think you can remove “rookie” from your designation.
  23. Cooked fajitas for a group over the weekend, so I didn’t get the chance to take very many pictures. Marinaded the chicken breasts in a lime and Worcestershire sauce mixture. Grilled up bell peppers, onions and jalapeños, along with the chicken - all on the gasser for convenience. Wife also carmelized some onions to the point they were almost a paste, which made a great, sweet spread for the tortillas. Banana pudding and fresh mango sorbet for dessert. Great meal!
  24. That does sound good. Care to share your halibut and/or sea bass cooks or recipes? I’m always on the lookout for tips on cooking fish. It’s hit or miss for me, so I’d like to dial in that part of my grilling skill set.
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