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  1. Looks like a major improvement to the ancient hibachi. Vents and everything! How does it cook?
  2. No, it's actually a gas rig. But If I wanted to roam, and bring something with me for cooking, I would probably drag out the old hibachi and cross my fingers.
  3. Looks different from the Bon Appetit photo...is yours spatchcocked? Must...try...
  4. Thank you, but I don't see where to add a profile picture. I don't want to be just a letter any more. Wait, I just found it! Not a great pic, but still…thanks.
  5. We still have our Old Original Hibachi. But hardly ever use it! The Weber Mini is faster and better.
  6. …how do you get an avatar? Profile picture? Whatever it's called that goes under your name? I feel left out.
  7. I seem to have lost a lot of my cooking mojo, but we did manage two different kinds of ribs on the Kamandar this summer, starting with Memorial Day Baby Backs. Rubbed, laquered at the last 30 minutes or so. And then spares, a little later in the season. Spares were 3-2-1, for the first time in a couple of years. We liked it. There's another rack of spares in the fridge for the weekend.
  8. I like brussels sprouts but don't think I'd go near liquor made from them.
  9. I like your 'assistant.' My thoughts are with LA....we had Sandy years back.
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