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  1. I like brussels sprouts but don't think I'd go near liquor made from them.
  2. I like your 'assistant.' My thoughts are with LA....we had Sandy years back.
  3. I thought SD was SoDak! Fine-looking bird there. You have me feeling motivated.
  4. Half a smoking is better than none, but.... ...alas, looks purdy but still can't produce a crispy, edible skin. And we did flour it. But the skin was rubbery and inedible. Apple and cherry for a while on the Weber, finished on gas. Served with dressing on the side. Waaah. The only way we have ever attained edible skin is whole vertical chicken on the gas.
  5. Lots of great info here. We like only moderate smoke on pig, and hardly any on bird. I always wanted to try coconut charcoal.
  6. Oh, and a slab of bacon smoked at the same time on the Kamander. Plus our own green beans and some mac 'n' cheese with added franks. Smoke was apple and a little cherry. Took three hours or so. We missed Q-ing lately.
  7. Wish we could find any decent ones here. That looked goooood.
  8. Unlike most other years, no guests. Just Smashburgers for the two of us. Hidden by cheese, bacon and condiments....
  9. *sigh* Starts out fun at first. Then you can start to feel like Everyone's Free Cafeteria. And they also want you to fix their computers for them.
  10. To tell the truth, I use tail-ends of different rubs dumped in a big empty shaker container, all mixed together. Hasn't failed us yet. (everything from Sucklebusters to McCormick's to lemon pepper to dollar store specials).
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