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  1. To tell the truth, I use tail-ends of different rubs dumped in a big empty shaker container, all mixed together. Hasn't failed us yet. (everything from Sucklebusters to McCormick's to lemon pepper to dollar store specials).
  2. Anyone recognize this fella? World's greatest stuntman ever, cinematic genius, et cetera ad infinitum.
  3. ADM: Beautiful cook! I love how your peppers came out. (We actually grew 'those' can't-name-'em-here peppers. We had a worse name for them. The plant only yielded three scrawny seedy peppers.) Oooo...keeperofdeflame's olive dish!
  4. I had relatives in OH.... Welcome from another new (to this forum) bie.
  5. Mr. Ale uses his flame thrower. He loves it. I have no arguments against! Before that, he used these pre-packaged tumbleweed things.
  6. Apple is a delicate smoke. We use it exclusively for chicken and maybe sometimes pork, but for beef, I'm always hearing oak.
  7. Days late and dollars short, but we did baby backs in the Kamander. Came out fine!
  8. Cheap wire brush, but we replace them each season.
  9. Lucky to have reasonable birds! Today was the 'best' of the weekend, weather-wise. We did the Memorial Day cook early. I am now officially in a ribs stupor.
  10. I am not the OP (obviously!) but I'm learning a lot about Q-ing chicken overall, so thanks to everyone.
  11. This is the best we could do and it's not even close and not even on a kamado....
  12. Never successfully smoked a brisket (unless you count the Long Island Crutch, don't kill me), but what I hear over and over is, wait until it probes 'like buttah.'
  13. When we do Smashers on the grill grates, we smash them first. Seems to work.
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