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  1. Keeperovdaflame. Thanks for posting your thoughts so quickly! We are new to kamado grilling and have not yet experienced being able to shut down a full loaded grill and keep usable charcoal. I think we've only done the full shut down on small amounts and it all burned through. We will have to try it tonight with some sausages! Thanks again for your perspective!
  2. Jaka_spaka Try here: https://kamadojoe.de/find-dealer/
  3. I know this topic is old, but Loremaster72's Question about shape of fire is quite interesting. Has anyone made similar experiences? I have been trying to see what is the minimum amount of charcoal that I can use for a quick lunch steak grill. and wonder how volcano shaped or spread out banked piles can focus heat and how that in turn influences effectiveness of top &bottom venting.
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