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  1. Hello, Kamado newbie here. I've always wanted one, but never really did much research or gave it much thought. Then Lidl had their mini ones on sale last week and I impulse-bought one. From what I can see, the miniature one should be fine for my purposes, as I generally am only cooking for a couple of people, and my own portions tend to be small. For now, I'm just reading up on accessories/necessities and trying to figure out how to make what I need (as the Lidl grill seems to be smaller than even the small versions of the major brands). I've downloaded The Kamado Book of Knowledge and am grateful to Mr. Setzler for his work. I doubt I'll have it up and running for the Memorial Day cookout, but I look forward to using it in the future. Happy grilling!
  2. Thanks for the info! Lidl (US) just made their Grill Meister Kamado-style Ceramic Grill available in the USA and I snagged one. I'm researching, and trying to figure out how to make a heat diffuser before I even open the box. Unfortunately, I already bought a bunch of terra cotta saucers from Amazon, and it's too late to cancel delivery; hopefully I can return them. I was planning to sit them inside a 7" pie plate, which I would somehow jerry rig to sit above the coals, so cracking probably would not have been an issue. (I could still use the plate with sand, or perhaps the ceramic beads one uses for pie weights?) In any case, after extensive searching, I came across a site that has discontinued 8.5" pizza stones for sale. It may be too big to work as a heat diffuser for my particular grill, but I think it's still a good find and might work for those with slightly larger mini kamados. (Or one could just use them as intended, as personal pizza stones.) FSX Market -8.5" round Cordierite pizza stone In addition, they have a coupon code for Memorial Day 2021: FSXSAVE15 Technically, Pizzacraft.com also offers small, 8" stones, but they're entirely out of stock of any pizza stones at the moment. I am not in any way affiliated with any of the aforementioned brands or companies. I just appreciate the help offered on this forum and wanted to contribute.
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