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  1. Just a follow up. I spent all day Sunday just firing up a basket of charcoal. No cook, just playing with my grill settings. Learned a lot. Can’t rush the process. Thanks to all who responded. This is a great forum.
  2. Just wondering what anyone’s experience is with using the commonly available remote thermometers from big box stores. Happy! Why consider more? Not happy! I should have spent more in the first place! Thanks everyone.
  3. Thanks everyone for your advice. I can use a chimney starter? That makes things a lot easier. Everything I read or watched showed people lighting their fire in the Kamado itself. I thought using a chimney starter might thermal shock the ceramic when I poured the coals in. Again, this is a example of me overthinking things. I think I’m going to take Brick Pig’s advice and burn a load of fuel and play with the settings without the pressure of a cook. Should be fun. I bought a notebook this morning to jot down notes as I go along. Appreciate everyone’s thoughts.
  4. New to Kamado cooking here. Why do I feel under pressure when I use my grill? Tonight we did steaks. Steaks! Should have been a piece of cake. But then it took forever to get the charcoal lit and up to temp. It took forever to stabilize the temp. Meanwhile the wife is doing the side dishes in the kitchen and I’m apologizing about why it’s taking so long. My wife is very understanding about what’s going on but I feel like I’m screwing up dinner. This has happened on every cook. I thought this supposed to be a relaxing process. Why am I stressing about coordinating the rest of the meal to what I’m doing on the grill? What do you guys do?
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Don’t want to blow it up on my first day!
  6. Just a note to say thanks to everyone for their suggestions. They are all noted and filed away. I think my wife will be very impressed with the first cook on my KJ Jr. About the test burn, leave the vents open and let it do it’s thing?
  7. Being from Central NewYork, I’ve prepared Cornell Chicken quite a few times before on my gas grill. You are right, it’s definitely delicious. Will be one of the first things to cook on my KJ Jr.
  8. Just bought my Kamado Joe Jr at Walmart for $299. Normally $399. Other Kamado Joes also on sale this weekend.
  9. Thanks everyone. Looks like it’s going to be spatchcock chicken for the first cook. And go easy on the smoking wood. The meatloaf idea is great too. Appreciate everyone’s thoughts.
  10. Hello everyone, I’m glad I found this forum of helpful folks. I’m an occasional Weber Smokey Joe, mostly Gas Grill, convert to Kamado Grilling. My KJ JR. arrives a week from now. I have a question for you. Although I recognize that I’m just starting my journey, I’m wondering, if you, the experienced grill master, could do it again, what would be the very first cook you would do. I really want to impress my wife who was reluctant about my purchased my kamado. Right now she doesn’t see the difference between what we do now and the potential of a kamado. I’m really looking forward to new ventures and I can see how this could be a great hobby. Thanks for reading, Tom C.
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