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    Hi, This is my first post. I presently use a Sarka natural gas grill. It's built like a tank, can use charcoal, can smoke, has a a griddle accessory, has a temperature range from 200 - 700 degrees F, has lasted for almost 20 years and will probably last a lifetime. Because it's so versatile, I haven't bought another cooker, which is great. But it also has held back my cooking game somewhat. Because while it does a good job at everything, nothing can be the best at everything.
    I am old school where I like to do most things with just a few tools. That's what attracted me to the Sarka in the first place and that is also what is attracting me to the Kamado grill.
    Question is, "What do you use in addition to the kamado grill where space is limited"? The Kamado doesn't boil or broil so I am thinking, Kamado, stove top, and pizza oven (buy it as a broiler and get a pizza oven for free). On the fence about keeping the Sarka for convenience because it's takes 40" of counter and space is limited. 
    My Kamado choices are 24" Louisiana Grill from Costco or 18" Kamado Joe Classic I from Lowes. They both cost about $750 assembled and delivered. Which is the better choice? 
    Thanks in advance. I am looking forward to your opinions.
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