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  1. Any properly sized screw will do...you can change to Philips head, nut driver head or whatever. I use an old set of pliers to tighten and loosen my set screws. I doubt i could get proper tension with hands alone.
  2. Just found my go to burger blend....50% ground beef snd 50% ground lanb. Blended meat mix with potato masher in small batches so it doesn’t get worked too hard. Really good ! I Form 1/2 lb patties and vacuum pack the unused patties in pairs...
  3. Hey John...just bookmarked your ManCaveMeals youtube channel. Are you still spokesman for KJ or expanding your world...which is a good thing btw ! Does the Traeger system compliment or compete with the Kamado methodology ? I guess each has its merits...please explain pro’s and con’s if youdon’t mind. I am always open to broadening my skills and toys.Thanks
  4. No numbered steps required....5698K is right. Simply cook low and slow till ready and don’t rush the process. Also, imho, skip babybacks.
  5. I don’t use smoking wood because most, in my humble opinion, over power the meat. Pay a little extra and use premium lump and i guarantee you will be pleased. I know...boo to Bruni !
  6. No...but pig is pig. Should be fine.
  7. My big joe has had a crack for 8 years......has not not resulted in any negative impact on cooking results. It is a ceramic cooking vessel. Clay, like glass, can not bend. If it is bad i am sure kj will honor a replacement ( even if not bad). I have seen numerous comments from people that request, and receive, a replacement and hold in reserve for future use. Remain calm, all is good .
  8. If you want to go one step further make some Ghee... https://wellnessmama.com/24267/make-ghee/
  9. https://www.onegrill.com/OneGrill_Performer_Basket_System_s/175.htm . I have only used it twice. Once for tumbled chicken wings (very good), and the snapper. I am very pleased with the functionality this unit offers.
  10. Just to be clear...my basket allows tumbling or flat spinning between an upper and lower grate. They were flat spun, but i did put the side pieces on the basket just in case the fish moved around.
  11. i gave it a quick shot of canola oil spray before cooking and it did crisp up nicely
  12. Costco had fresh, farmed, whole red snapper yesterday (I think it might be a regularly stocked item). Cooked it as basically as possible...onions and lemon slices inside, salt and pepper outside. Cooked for a little over 23 minutes at 375 or so. Turned out really well and could not be an easier meal to prepare...FYI, the fish was packaged as three per unit and they were charging $5.99 per pound (gutted, scaled, and ready to go)
  13. ...but it was time to retire my $8 Harbor Freight Torch. Replaced it with a $22 (Amazon Prime Delivered) cooking/braising torch which can can be found here : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G3MZWBU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . This has a much more aggressive flame than the old one and is easier to store and pull out than the much heralded propane torch. I use it to start the fire cubes, not the fire itself (though I guess you could). Just an option to consider folks...not looking to start a lighting war of words.
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