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  1. As I have a couple of charcoal bags with small pieces I thought a good way of using them was putting them in my chimney starter (half full) and use the embers to light my fire. So I filled my charcoal basket, with my oak wood piece in the (far side) bottom. Left a small crater in the top where I poured my chimney’s embers. It worked fantastic! Lit the charcoal really well without needing to add any fire starters. Have you tried this method?
  2. Yesterday I did my first 10 lb prime rib roast. My Vision S held a consistent 250F for 4 hours with the top between closed and the smallest sliver open and one of the bottom knobs at 1/2” and the other closed. The meat took 3 hours to go from 39F to 124F. Went to a cooler with foil and towels for longer than an hour ( hate when guests are really late). The Royal Oak charcoal I had didn’t have too many big pieces and by the time I had to sear the meat I only could get 409F. It turned out fine but I’d have liked it more rare and with more bark. Conclusion- get better charcoal (would love SUGGEST
  3. I observed the same thing, some smoke leaked from the top even on zero. about the two semicircular knobs in the bottom, I experimented using one, closing it and using the other and noticed no difference. I am completely confused as to what is each of them for. For 250 I have the top almost closed (1/8”) and the bottom one of them half way between closed and 1. So far 2 hours holding steady. When I put my prime roast in it wanted to go to 300 but closing the top for a while got it back to 250.
  4. I have s Vission S and burned the gasket to cinders getting it too hot. I changed it but now I wonder- how do you make pizza without burning the gasket. HELP!!
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