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  1. Thanks JohnnyAppetizer. In fact, I have added a DIY riser, using some stainless steel nuts and bolts. I've trimmed these down a bit to (hopefully) find the right compromise between creating distance between heat source and food, and keeping some room in the dome for a decent cut of meat. I can flip it over for regular, direct grilling. Haven't tried it yet for slow and low but will be debuting it this Friday, fingers crossed. Pics attached.
  2. Hello, Would love to see pics of what others are using as a slow and low setup - specifically for mini kamados. I have a Lidl mini kamado and a steel 3mm deflector plate from eBay. Previously I was using a DIY version but was advised that my using a Teflon cake tin as heat deflector was a bad idea so I've moved on. First time out with new stainless deflector I charred the underside of a brisket badly. Turns out I had the plate upside down. After that, I did a pork shoulder, deflector installed correctly, and less fuel. 2 hours in there was again a notice
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