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  1. @len440 "Mistake on the Lake" haven't heard that one in a while. About 2 years ago I was up in the Youngstown/Canton/Akron area on business...while I was there, I heard no song (including in the fine Akron/Canton Airport) that was recorded after 1985 (mostly late 70's early 80's)...I while it was definitively some great music, the time travel through multiple decades was painful (I think the pay phone in the airport was there to use as a portal).
  2. @len440 Don't be hating on me for my sweet corn (season is still pretty early here and the quality has been mixed - Saturday's corn from the farmer's market was pretty bland). I'm a former Buckeye too (grew up in NW Ohio and went to College at Miami University in Oxford)
  3. @CentralTexBBQI hear you on the rain...I'm here in Round Rock...left my lump on the screened porch and the humidity definitely slowed down getting up to temp earlier this week - but as fast as the garden has been drying out, I'm thinking you'll be good on your lumps soon (but I do try to keep an extra 15lb bag on hand to be safe...don't want to have to run out and fight traffic when the hankering for red meat hits).
  4. I'm Tom. I live in Texas - have been considering a Kamado Grill for about 5 years and just got one last week, a Chargriller Akorn. Used it for 4 Meals in first 6 days of ownership. Jumped first on some pork ribs; then did a meal with burgers, corn on the cob and some skewered onions & peppers; next were some pork chops; then some rib eyes and asparagus ; tonight is more corn on the cob with chicken breasts. Father's Day is coming up and I'm thinking Brisket so I was looking at the various posts here.
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