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  1. Today I received this email from Kamado Joe: "Thank you for contacting Kamado Joe customer support. I see a resolution was provided in claim #.... Your firebox is currently on backorder and you will receive tracking information via email once shipped. Your grill is safe to use in the mean time and will not void warranty."
  2. Thanks, AJS390. That is somewhat promising information. They all must be very shy in the customer service dept. The firebox is chipped on the edge, down to the subsurface. It probably is usable, at least for the short term. I just did not want to use it until I heard from them about whether that was okay or not.
  3. I not only filled out the on-line claim form, but today I found and called three Kamado Joe phone numbers -- 706-256-3943, 678-866-0642, and 877-215-6299. All were recordings. The "mailbox" for the first one was "full". The second one referred me to the third one. The third one stated that all warranty claims are handled "exclusively" via the website, and that all claims will be dealt with within two business days. It has been 10 business days since I submitted the claim.
  4. My Kamado Joe Jr. arrived two weeks ago. When In unpacked it, I noticed that the firebox was broken. I went to the Kamado website and registered and filled out all of the blanks about the claim and uploaded photos of my paperwork and of the broken firebox. I almost immediately received an email giving me a claim number and assuring me that a representative would get back to me within 5 business days. It now has been two weeks since that email, and I have heard nothing further from Kamado. I have since followed up with another email asking for the status, and in reply I received a request to complete a satisfaction survey but nothing more than that. Can anyone recommend how I can get Kamado to pay attention to my claim and replace the broken firebox so that I can start cooking?
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